Five Alive Friday


Happy Friday! Here are five things that have I’ve loved doing and discovering this week that I thought I’d share with you….

  1. Listening to Season 2 of Ester Perel’s podcast, Where Should We Begin? Each episode consists of a recording of an unscripted session that she conducted with a real couple in her psychoanalytic practice in New York, edited down from three hours to forty-five minutes. It’s a riveting glimpse into the most private aspect of a couple’s life as they make discoveries about the partners they have known for years, and about themselves, too. There’s also lots to take away and bring to your own relationships.
  2. Wearing the perfect red lip pie – Nars’ Audacious Lipstick in Annabella
  3. Giving up alcohol for a week. Over the last few months I’ve drifted into the habit of drinking too much, too often. It’s like the good times of Christmas never actually stopped! So four months into 2018 (better late than never, I guess!), I took some time to reset and be more conscious of my relationship with booze. Actually, it must be something about this time of year – two years ago you might remember I did this.
  4. Watching Tim Ferriss’ brilliant TED talk, Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals.
  5. Starting a 10 week program by Whim Hoff, aka ‘The Ice Man’. I’m excited to well and truly get out of my comfort zone by challenging myself physically…and mentally. Wish me luck!


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