Five Alive Friday



Happy Friday!

If you’ve followed Checks and Spots for awhile, you’ll know that Five Alive Friday has been a regular feature for some years now. Well, I’ve decided to give it an update! Rather than serving up a bunch of random links to distract and amuse, I’ll now share five things from my week that are lighting me up – things that I’ve discovered and loved. Things that reveal a little bit more of me to you. Things that I think you might like too.

I hope you enjoy Five Alive Friday Version 2!



  1. Eating at Angus & Bon; a cool, classic steakhouse that will make you feel like you’re back in NYC.  It’s so good I’ve actually had dinner there twice this week!
  2. Coveting the killer new collaboration between Williams Sonoma and style icon, Aerin Lauder. I love the crisp combination of white, blue and green and scalloped edges – such a refreshing update on traditional white tableware.
  3. Watching Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold on Netflix. It’s an intimate, documentary about a writer whose body of work helped define and record American life, particularly during the restive 60s and 70s. I’m also currently reading The Year of Magical Thinking, a devastatingly beautiful memoir of the year she lost her husband and daughter. So, yes…this week has been a bit of a Joan Didion binge!
  4. Converted to Bayeco’s Green Tea Foaming Cleanser. I’ve been using it for a month now and am a massive fan. This natural skincare range has been carefully formulated by Melbourne-based pharmacist. It’s super gentle yet effective (yes!) and doesn’t contain sulphate, parabens, mineral oils or phthalates (yes! yes!)
  5. Practicing EFT tapping. I had always written it off as hippie woo woo but after reading lots of research and clinical evidence I booked myself in for a two hour session to learn this psychological acupressure technique. I’ve discovered that its a really powerful technique that I am turning to frequently. Guess it doesn’t always pay to be a skeptic!


Image: AERIN Collection from William Sonoma
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