The Days of Our Lives: Marie De Vera and Sarah Gonsalves, The Style Co.

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This week, I’d like to introduce you to Marie De Vera and Sarah Gonsalves, the dynamic duo behind The Style Co., one of Australia’s most in demand event design studios.

In just five short years, The Style Co. has worked with the likes of Rebecca and Chris Judd, Lana Anderson and Brett Lee and Nadia and Jimmy Bartel to bring their refreshingly innovative approach to event design. They’ve carved a path as leaders in the events industry and inspired thousands with their not-so-secret mission to free the world of chair covers and matching silk sashes!

Led by Marie and Sarah, The Style Co. is made up of twelve inventors and dreamers with backgrounds in design, styling, floristry, graphic design, project management and wedding planning – a team that lives and breathes the motto, ‘Life’s too short to have boring parties’.

This is a day in their life…


The Daily Routine of Marie De Vera, The Style Co.

The designing and planning of an event can sometimes be more hectic than event day itself… but there really is no typical day.


6.45 am

Hit snooze on the old alarm


7.00 am

Wake up, get ready and pack Harrison’s things.


8.00 am

Wake Harrison up, feed him and get him ready (pray to God I don’t have a screaming baby on my hands)


8.45 am

Head to work with baby on board.


9.00 am

Have breakfast and check my emails.


9.30 am

Daily team meeting to discuss the week ahead.


10.00 am to 6.00 pm

My day is generally filled with site visits, concept meetings, supplier meetings, sourcing, workshop and marketing planning all while juggling Harrison feeding routine.


6.00 pm 

Client meetings where the team present our latest concepts.


7.30 pm

Put Harrison to bed, have dinner and catch up on daily gossip with hubby or watch the next episode of whatever series I happen to be obsessed with at the time.


10.00 pm

Respond to emails and troll the Internet for design inspiration or check out and obsess over unrealistic holiday destinations that I can’t take a baby to (sad face).


11.30 pm

Hit the sack and hope that bub sleeps through the night


The Daily Routine of Sarah Gonsalves, The Style Co.


6:00 am

Alarm goes off. Denial sets in…….snooze!


6:15 am

Alarm goes off again!!! Get up & shower relunctantly. Throw on some {hopefully clean} gym gear, grab a change of clothes and head out the door.


6:30 am

Drive to Pilates listening to Triple J. On the way I’m brainwashing myself by repeating the mantra ‘exercise is a good thing’.


7:00 am

Pilates with some of my fellow Style Co. team members.


7:45 am

Pull my broken body off the reformer bed and hit the showers.


8:30 am

Back in the car heading to the studio.


8:45 am

Arrive at studio, make brekkie whilst gossiping about the night before’s Bachelor episode. #welovebachie


9:00 am

Sit down, map out my day and prioritise my tasks.


9:30 am

Daily Meeting with the team to get a run down of everyone’s top priorities.


10:00 am – 6:00 pm

A standard ‘work’ day consists of lengthy phone calls with overwhelmed brides, site inspections, new client appointments, management meetings, design presentations, catching up on my fav blogs and daydreaming on Pinterest.


6:30 pm

Switch into girlfriend mode (Damien my boyfriend also works at The Style Co.) and we head out for a bite to eat choosing from a Broadsheet wishlist he’s enthusiastically created over the weekend.


9:30 pm

Get home, shower, read a chapter of whatever happens to be resting on my bedside table.


10:30 pm

Bedtime. *High-five* Dam for remembering to turn the electric blankets on!


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