The Days of Our Lives: Kerri Turner, TiniTrader

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This week I’d like to introduce you to Kerri Turner, a business owner, entrepreneur and CEO of TiniTrader, Australia’s largest online marketplace for kids.
A former Director of Ernst & Young and mum herself, Kerri launched the site in 2012 to provide parents with easy access to the best in babies and children’s products. The site now features more than 30,000 products from over 250 retailers.
If that wasn’t enough to fill her days, Kerri is also busily working on Out and About, a TiniTrader pop-up event that’s taking place on Saturday 10 October at the Malthouse Theatre. Come along and test out the best travel, fitness, urban and all-terrain products for your family’s needs. Plus, everything on display is for sale so you can shop to your heart’s content!

This is a day in Kerri’s life…

The Daily Routine of Kerri Turner, CEO of TiniTrader

What is a typical day!  I never have one of those.  Every day is different.
I would love to say that I get out for a walk each morning, however in reality I mostly get up early and get some work done before the craziness of the house starts!  Our Golden Retriever greets me at the back door each morning and we enjoy some quiet time until the kids get up at 7am.
I drop the kids to school every second day (I alternate with my husband).  We have made a slightly crazy decision to send the kids to two different schools.  The only saving grace is that the schools are close together.  Also, it has worked out well for the twins to have their own school world without always being compared to the other twin.
I then make my way to the office.  I love dropping past my gorgeous local coffee shop (The Green at St Columbs in Hawthorn) on the way to South Melbourne.  Having a coffee on board always makes the drive to South Melbourne a little more enjoyable.
Once I arrive in the office (between 8.30am and 9am if I have dropped the kids or a little earlier if I haven’t), I have a stand up meeting with the team.  We spend 15 minutes going through our priorities for the day.
I enjoy catching a walk at lunch time and stopping for a quick sandwich at the local coffee shop (Foxtrot).  Sometimes I am travelling to visit retailers or interstate for events.
I am also involved with a couple of arts boards and at various times there are events and activities with these organisations (Malthouse and Centre for Contemporary Photography).
I try to be home by 6pm to have dinner with the kids.  I pick the kids up on Wednesday from school and attend soccer and swimming.  The kids play a number of sports and instruments and I try to be around for most of their games and events.  Everything from sitting in Charlie’s cello lesson at 7.30am on Thursday morning to attending Basketball on Saturday mornings.
We have amazing neighbours and a couple of times a week we have a communal dinner with the neighbours.  Our kids are super lucky as they have free reign to roam between our house and a couple of neighbours houses.  At most times we have 4 + kids in the house.  We all can rely on each other and there is always someone around to watch the kids if someone has to go out.
My Dad is also terrific.  He comes every Thursday and picks the kids up from school.  He has visited every Thursday since the kids were born.  He cooks a pie every Thursday night and most weeks the neighbours join us for dinner (now fondly referred to as Pie Night).


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