The Days of Our Lives: Emile Kuenen, Joolz

Emile-Kuenen-Joolz-Prams Emile-Kuenen-Joolz-Prams Emile-Kuenen-Joolz-Prams Emile-Kuenen-Joolz-Prams

This week we’re traveling to Amsterdam to meet Emile Kuenen, the founder and Creative Director of Joolz prams and strollers.

Emile always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. His father was a toy importer, so at the ripe old age of seven, Emile decided to sell some of his father’s products to his friends. Fast forward to 2004 and Emile vowed to make the best pushchair possible when he saw parents on the streets of Amsterdam struggling with strollers over the canal bridges. He named his company Joolz, a twist on the word ‘’jewels’’, because he hoped the product would be equally precious to the parents. This is a day in his life.


Emile Kuenen, Founder and Creative Director of Joolz

6.30 am

The alarm goes off. Today I start the day with a yoga class before breakfast. After yoga I’ll go by bicycle to the Joolz HQ which is located in the city centre of Amsterdam.


9.00 am
I’m hooked on Chinese green tea. I drink liters of it. I have a special tea can which I fill up first thing when arriving at the office.


9.15 am
Most of my days in the office start with a meeting. Today I have a brainstorm together with our Creative Designer, Sanne, about the design of our stand during the Kind & Jugend fair in Cologne, Germany.


11.00 am
Samples for a really exciting new project arrive! They already look very nice, but there’s still some improvement possible.


12.30 pm
Our biological lunch is served. I try to eat as much salads and soups as possible instead of bread to keep my energy level high. Usually we all eat together to have a nice break and chat about everything but work!


1.00 pm
The rest of my day consists of regular meetings, reading my emails, brainstorms, designing and research for new collections.


6.00 pm
Go for a run with the Joolz running team. We’re training with a bunch of ‘Joolzers’ for a 10 mile run in September. The route near the canals is beautiful.


7.30 pm
Prepare a healthy dinner with my girlfriend over a glass of wine. We don’t watch a lot of TV, I prefer to relax and chat about upcoming events, dinners with friends or holiday plans.


10.00 pm
I used all my energy in high intensity over the daytime so it’s off to bed to get a full night’s sleep!


You can find Joolz on Facebook and Instagram.

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