The Days of Our Lives: Nick Bennett, Arbory Bar and Eatery


This week, we head to one of my favourite Melbourne spots, Arbory Bar and Eatry, to meet Executive Chef, Nick Bennett.  Stretching 150 metres along the Yarra, Arbory takes out the title for Melbourne’s longest bar as it gives new life to the site of an unused Flinders Street Station train line.

Hailing from from Trocadero (now Fatto) and Michelin-starred British restaurant Tom Aikens Restaurant, Nick is serving up a menu of casual and approachable comfort food at Arbory. Open from early morning until late at night, it’s perfect for breakfast under the big plain trees, a long lunch or graze while boozing.

This is a day in Nick’s life…


The Daily Routine of Nick Bennett, Executive Chef at Arbory Bar and Eatery.


5.30 am

Woken up by Ruby, my one year old daughter. Spend some time playing with Ruby or trying to get some extra sleep.


7.30 am

Eat breakfast – either porridge, polenta porridge, buckwheat porridge, brown rice porridge or muesli, yoghurt and fruit. And of course coffee! 


8.30 am

Depending on the day, I might then do a Crossfit session.


9.30 am

Have a snack then shower and off to Arbory.


10.00 am

Arrive at Arbory and grab a coffee from one of the awesome baristas, then it’s off to the kitchen. Check the previous day’s shift report. Check with all the chefs that their section and stock control is ok. Oversee some prep and discuss the day/week with staff.


11.00 am

Have some lunch then start lunch service.


2.30 pm

Off to a meeting to discuss the previous weeks results and to talk about upcoming events.


4.00 pm

Back to the kitchen to check over the rostering, invoices and any other admin.


6.00 pm

Have some dinner then reset the kitchen for the next rush. 


9.00 pm

Oversee ordering and debrief with the kitchen staff.


10:00 pm

Off home.


11.00 pm



Arbory Bar and Eatery // Flinders Walk, Melbourne. You can follow Arbory on Facebook and Twitter.

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