The Days of Our Lives: Verity Tuck and Hannah Donovan, LVLY



This week, I’d like to introduce you to Verity Tuck and Hannah Donnova, the dynamic duo behind LVLY, a Melbourne-based, same day gift delivery service that has one simple purpose – to create more happy surprises for people, more smiles, more fun.

The LVLY story begins five years ago when Vez and Han met while working at the same advertising agency. With a shared passion for going to local markets and checking out Australian-made design they quickly became good pals. They were both also living away from home at the time and found it frustrating that you had to spend a lot of money to send gifts or flowers to the ones you love just to let them know you were thinking of them.

So with Han’s talents in strategy and marketing and Vez’s gun operations and creative skills, they decided to take the plunge and start a business that would solve that exact problem. That’s when LVLY was born; small, affordable gifts delivered on the same day. Their gift range is all sourced through local, Australian producers and they also run limited edition collaborations to keep the range fresh, interesting and fun.

This is a day in the life of Vez and Han and their business, LVLY.




The Daily Routine of Verity Tuck and Hannah Donovan, Co-Founders LVLY


6.00 am

The alarm goes off! The team takes it in turns to do flower pick ups from the wholesaler which means every week we’ll have a few early starts each. I’ll check my emails with one eye open before jumping out of bed just to get a gist of what the day might hold.


6.45 am

In the car and on the way to pick up fresh flowers, craving a caffeine fix! We get a cheery welcome from our flower suppliers, load up the car with our order and hot foot it back to our warehouse co-working space in Prahran.


7:30 am

Arrive at LVLY HQ and it’s time to unload! Our workspace is on the first floor of a warehouse so it’s a pretty intense workout getting all of the flowers and foliage up the stairs. On the plus side it means we can put a big tick next to our exercise to-do for the day.


8.00 am

By now the rest of team LVLY has arrived – our in house florists, marketing assistant and the production crew. The morning is our most hectic time so it’s all hands on deck until we get the deliveries out of the door. Someone is tasked with the coffee run while the rest of us turn the music up loud, start checking orders, get going on conditioning the flowers, responding to enquiries and posting on social media.


8:15 am

Coffee arrives, we all breathe a sigh of relief and kick into second gear!


8:15 – 10:30 am

By now the team is in full swing getting all of the gifts ready for dispatch. Writing up the gift tags (one of the best jobs! So many thoughtful and adorable messages) prepping posies, putting together curated gift boxes and bags.


10:30 am

Our amazing delivery team arrives to pick up the first batch of gifts for the day (these guys are total heroes!) We’ve already grouped everything by location so they load everything up into their vehicles and get straight out on the roads. There’s no reprieve for us as we get moving on the next round of gifts, our delivery cut-off isn’t until 1pm, so we have orders being received all morning up to then.


10:35 am

Time for a quick a breather and a muesli bar. There’s lots of energy in the team and we’re good at keeping each other entertained and fired up.



We’ve normally sold out of flowers by now so the sold out sign goes up on the website (sometimes this happens by 10am!) and our delivery team comes back for the afternoon pick-ups.


1:15 pm

The florists and production gang head home. We sit down for our weekly WIP meeting, go through the previous week’s marketing and sales and eat lunch on the fly. Next up is reviewing and planning upcoming product collaborations, new brand partnerships and marketing plans.


2.00  – 6.00 pm

From 2pm onwards it’s typically just the two of us and we divide and conquer. Han will visit a couple of local producers for potential collaborations whilst I might do the books and take some content shots for social media. Some afternoons we might be planning our next posy workshop, brainstorming social content or setting targets for the next 12 months. There’s always so much to do, getting good at prioritising is essential!


6.00 pm

Head off to a pilates class or go for a run before heading home.


9.00 pm

Update the website assets, final check of emails and respond to any comments or questions on social media.


10.00 pm



You can follow LVLY on Facebook and Instragram


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