The Days of Our Lives: Hannah Alderton, Altius Coffee Brewers

This week, we meet Hannah Alderton who happily juggles the life of an athlete and high jump training with running Altius Coffee Brewers, a specialist coffee bar she owns with partner Jarrod Pageot (who is also an athlete!). Tucked in the Spencer St end of Flinders Lane, Altius has been open for less than a year but is already making a name for the delicious coffee they are serving up from local roasters and suppliers.

This is a day in Hannah’s life…


The Daily Routine of Hannah Alderton, Co-owner of Altius Coffee Brewers and Athlete


5.20 am

Wake up, get up, breakfast! Toast with vegemite and honey is my go to these days. I save my morning coffee until I get to the shop.


6.30 am

Arrive at Altius and dial the coffees in to make sure they’re tasting delicious. We use coffee from Market Lane Coffee. They roast coffee that they have directly and fairly traded, with coffee farmers in the best coffee growing regions around the world. This facilitates a great relationship between farmer and buyer and results in more consistent, high quality green coffee and longevity in trade relationships. We love this. It’s so important to support good farming worldwide. We also have beautiful local milk from Schulz Organic Dairy in Timboon. It’s local, organic and minimally processed. It’s absolutely delicious and pairs beautifully with our coffee.


7.00 am

Open doors. Hello lovely customers! I often sneak a coffee for myself in about now too.


11.00 am

This is our lunchtime. I generally have a sit down with the laptop check emails, and do some ordering and bits and pieces. We eat something pretty substantial for lunch, generally high protein to help us at the end of the day.



Back on the bar to make some drinks.


2.00 pm

Depending on the day, I may keep making drinks through the afternoon, or zip off to the bank/the ceramics studio/pick up odds and ends here and there.

We are in the prototyping phase of creating a beautiful new ceramic take away coffee cup, that’s a little different to what’s on the market at the moment. We are really excited about it and have been putting our energy into making it perfect.


3.00 pm

We always have a snack in the late afternoon before training.


4.00 pm

Close up the shop nicely, to be ready to go the following day, and head to the track.


5.00 pm

We meet our coach and squad of jumpers, and start our session. I train for high jump, and the sessions vary from day to day. Running, bounding, weights and recovery. Tonight it’s bounding (my favourite!) and we always finish off with a core circuit. I love this time of day, it helps me unwind from a busy day at the shop.



Leave the track for home.


8 .00 – 9.00 pm

Dinner, shower and pack a training bag for the next day.


10.00 pm



You can follow Hannah and Altius Coffee Brewers on Instagram and Twitter.

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