The Days of Our Lives: Barbara Kitallides, Artist

daily-routine-artist-barbara-kitallides daily-routine-artist-barbara-kitallides daily-routine-artist-barbara-kitallides daily-routine-artist-barbara-kitallides daily-routine-artist-barbara-kitallides

This week, I’d wanted to introduce you to Barbara Kitallides, a Melbourne-based Artist who is getting noticed for her striking colour-drenched canvases.

After studying Design at Monash University, Barbara packed her bags and travelled to Europe where she lived and travelled for 13 years. Spending time in Italy, Greece, Spain, London, Cyprus and France, Barbara started painting and followed her passion for contemporary art.

Since returning to Melbourne in 2010, her star has continued to rise with her work being featured in successful group shows, solo exhibitions, private and corporate commissions.

This is a day in Barbara’s life…


The Daily Routine of Artist, Barbara Kitallides

It’s almost impossible to detail my ‘daily routine’ as no two days are the same. I have several ‘versions’ of my routine.

If I’m preparing for an exhibition, I’ll usually go into ‘lock down’, up early, working long days in the studio. This is physically and mentally exhausting as I’m painting large bodies of work at one time in a short period, approximately 2-3 month blocks.

Morning: I’m an early riser, usually up by 6:30am (no alarm), and having my first of many coffees soon after. Straight into the studio, where I will stay until early afternoon.

Afternoon: By this stage l leave the studio, out for lunch to chill out and decompress from morning painting session. Then back in the studio for a few more hours.

Evening: I rarely paint in the evening.



If I am working on a special collaboration, such as my recent work for MOJO Winemakers, where I created the Cabernet Sauvignon label for its Studio MOJO series, my day would usually start by having a meeting with the client to either be briefed or discuss the progress. Then I would head home and spend time researching and thinking about my creative approach.

On my ‘off season’ I still get up early, but have a much looser schedule. So I might go to the gym/yoga in the morning, or sleep in. Almost always head out for coffee/breakfast.

Afterwards, I check emails and social media, especially Instagram (cant help myself, obsessed!). I might go into the studio and work, but not at the same intense pace as when preparing for an exhibition. This is also the period when I accept commissions and commercial projects.


You can stay in touch with Barbara by following her on Instagram or Twitter.

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