The Days of Our Lives: Alice Morell, The Mother Movement


This week, I’d love to introduce you to a friend of mine, Alice Morell. Having moved out from the UK (for love) 15 years ago, Alice abandoned her long career in Finance when she had a baby. Realising the extent of the role of mothers and how little that is acknowledged, celebrated and supported, she created The Mother Movement, a project that empowers mums to live the life they want.

The Mother Movement helps connect Street Gangs which build local community networks for mothers and their families. It also organises Tough Mother, an annual campaign launching this year that puts dads into the shoes of mums for the weekend before Mothers’ Day, to build empathy for the load mums carry.

This is a day in Alice’s life…


The Daily Routine of Alice Morell, The Mother Movement

6.00 am

Either walking beside the beach or porridge duty with my three year old son, Hector. He is incredibly bossy so I am worn out by 6:30 am.


7.00 am

Strong cup of normal tea (the English in me) and a slice of the best bread in the world. I cannot get into drinking my meals – so smoothies are out.


8.30 am

School drop-off and either a day with my son or a day with The Mother Movement. If it’s with Hector, we basically just walk and walk and walk, all around St Kilda. If it’s with The Mother Movement, I sit on my verandah and think, write and get shit done.



Lunch is a bit of a non-event. Maybe a carrot with a bit of a salad (I don’t like cooking).


3.30 pm

School pick-up. I like the short working days – I’m done with thinking by 3.30 pm. My daughter is usually in a dud mood after school so we generally roam our street looking for some action for her (we of course have our own Street Gang in our street so all the kids play together).


5.00 pm

We usually share the cooking of kids’ dinner between the mums in the street.


7.00 pm

I’m pretty strict with kids’ bed time because I am very hungry by 7 and usually need a glass of wine. My husband often comes home around this time and we often go out or chat and read.


You can stay in touch with The Mother Movement by following them here

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