How To Create the Perfect Personalised Christmas Gift

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This post is made possible with the support of Officeworks.

Even the biggest scrooge, will find it hard to say bah humbug when you give them a customised pressie on Christmas day! And now Officeworks make it even easier to create personalised gifts – like a printed photo album, coffee mug, playing cards, keychain or canvas art – with their Kodak Pictures Kiosk.

To see whether it was really as easy as they say it is, I recently created a calendar from my sloth position on the couch. All I did was transfer my fave pics of the kids from Facebook and Instagram onto my phone, download the Kodak Connect app (for free), choose my design then upload my pics and hey-presto I’d created the perfect present that will get me brownie points (aka babysitting credits) with the grandparents!

All up, it took me about half an hour to create my calendar. If I hadn’t got distracted with reminiscing over photos it wouldn’t have taken me nearly as long!

You can arrange for your personlised gift to be delivered to your home or pick them up from your local Officeworks. Either way, I know you’ll be impressed with the quality, especially as prices for these photo gifts start from as little as $3.95.

To find out more about creative Christmas giving, check out this video by Officeworks or join in the conversation on social media via #creativechristmas.

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