Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Wine for Any Occasion


Whether it’s meeting the in-laws for the first time, drinks with the girls or celebrating a promotion at work, there is a perfect wine for any occasion. But if you’re anything like me, I’ve got no idea which vino I should be reaching for – other than the nearest one!

To get the lowdown on what to sip, serve or share, I spoke to Virginia Selleck, Sommelier and co-founder of Magnum + Queens Wine, a new online fine wine merchant. With a stack of experience at Rockpool Bar & Grill, Cumulus Inc, The Stokehouse, Bellota and The Prince Wine Store, Virigina knows a thing or two about what makes a great drop for both milestone and everyday moments.


How to Choose the Perfect Wine for Any Occasion


The First Date

Arneis is a native varietal from Piedmont Italy. It has become very popular on restaurant wine lists because of its dry crisp nature. This choice suggests you know your wines.



Meeting The In-Laws

Play it safe with a lighter style Chardonnay. Having worked in restaurants for years I can assure you that Chardonnay is still the most all round crowd pleaser.


The Break Up Wine

Beaujolais is the name of an area in France just south of Burgundy. It’s a particularly light style red and is very easy to drink or in fact gulp.


A Work Promotion

The obvious choice is Champagne but there are so many interesting new sparkling wines available that you can be a little creative. Try a new Pet Nat from the Adelaide Hills.


The Demotion

Sangiovess is Italy’s most popular grape mid weight and savoury this will always make you look on the brighter side.


The New House

Best pick a mixed pack to get through the first few days: a Pinot Blanc, Rose and Tempranillo would be perfect.



Celebrate in style with small grower producer Champagne: it’s a big occasion worthy of the splurge.




Birth Wine gift – Build a Cellar

Barolo ages gracefully and will be the type of wine that knocks your socks off in 20 years.


The Blind Date

Pinot Grigio, it’s a great all rounder and you can find a good one for a reasonable price. If the date doesn’t go well you haven’t blown the budget!



Aged red Burgundy is elegant and timeless. A hot collectors item but also great to drink now with its silky tannins and enchanting flavours.


Birthday Wine

Garganega from the Veneto is a great way to start an occasion. Mid weight and dry with great minerality.


‘Thank You’ Wine

Nebbiolo is a noble grape that all serious wine lovers tend to gravitate to. This will be appreciated even if the recipient isn’t a wine buff.


Spring Picnic

Rose is the perfect daytime wine to sip in the sunshine. Provence produces fabulous, well priced rose that will match almost all picnic foods.


Squad Catch Up

Fiano is a versatile fresh white from Campagna that will never disappoint.


The Push Present

Pinot Blanc is textural, luscious and very easy to drink so you can make up for lost time.


Personal achievement

Cool climate Pinot Noir is perfect with or without food. Spend a few extra dollars on a quality producer, it is well worth the splurge and you will notice the difference in quality.



Photography by Kirsten Dickie

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