Top 10 Most Memorable Posts

Hip-hip-hooray! Today Checks and Spots turns two!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging Monday to Friday for two years. I’ve learnt a hell of a lot, made some wonderful friends and developed a side-business that satisfies me more than I could have ever imagined.

To celebrate, I thought we could reminisce and look at the Top 10 Most Memorable Posts.

Thank you for making Checks and Spots what it is. I can’t wait to share the next year with you – who knows what it will bring!!




Fawning Over Fashion – This is where it all began! I can still remember how nervous I felt pressing ‘Publish’. Looking back, I’m not really sure why I was so nervous as the only people reading my blog were my mum and husband!

Why We Lie – This is my most read post of all time. It says a lot about us, don’t you think?!

Motherhood as Competition – When I wrote this I was incredibly fired up, and it seems I wasn’t the only one. It stirred up a wonderfully passionate debate which to me, is what blogging is all about.

Five Alive Friday – Things are pretty fluid around here. Checks and Spots has a rambling focus that doesn’t stick to one topic. In fact, the only thing you can count on is a weekly dose of Five Alive Friday. This is the first installment that ran over a year ago.

I Did It! How to Set Goals So You Achieve Them – I’m never sure how much of myself to reveal on Checks and Spots. After all, this isn’t a personal blog. In this post though, I threw caution to the wind and shared a moment I was proud of.

Jumpology – The way this post went viral really took me by surprise. I loved the Phillipe Halsman’s photo series of famous faces jumping for joy, but never expected it to be shared and forward on as much as it has been. Almost 18 months later it is still getting link backs.

Interview: Illustrator/Artist, Stina Persson – One of the best bits about blogging is the opportunity to encounter fresh ideas and meeting clever and creative people I have always admired. One such person is illustrator and artist, Stina Persson, who I was awfully star stuck about interviewing!

Jewellery by Deirdre – Checks and Spots is a chronicle of all the things that make me look twice. I only ever write about things I’m smitten with or that I believe in – like jewellery by Melbourne lass, Deirdre. My brother gave me one of her necklaces and I wear it all the time. Rather than keep this find all to myself, I had to share it with you!

Winter 2011 Hair Trends – It seems a lot of people are looking for a hair-do rather than a hair-don’t, as ‘2011 hair trends’ is the most googled phrase that leads visitors to Checks and Spots.

Beautiful Dark – I’m not a mummy blogger, but a mum who blogs. This piece is a little snapshot of our beautiful boy and the joy he delivers in spades.

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