The Three Best Podcasts for Kids – That You’ll Love Too!



Between weekend trips down to our farm and running the kids around town to their after school activities, our family is in the car A LOT! Lately, we’ve been spending the time listening to a whole bunch of podcasts. So, I thought I’d share with you my roundup of the three best podcasts for kids, that you’ll enjoy listening to as well!


The Best Podcasts for Kids


Short & Curly is a brilliant podcast by ABC Radio that teaches kids aged 7 – 12 about ethics in a really fun and engaging way. Some of our favourite episodes have been,’How to Make the Best Kind of Friends’, ‘When Is It Ok To Dob on Someone?’ and ‘Should Pugs Exist?’. I’ve especially love the conversation and observations this podcast has seeded in the kids long after we’ve stopped listening.


But Why: A Podcast For Kids helps foster curiosity by tackling all sorts of big and small questions that have been crowd sourced from actual kids. Alfie’s favourite episode was ‘Is It Ever Ok to Break a Rule?’ while our flamingo-obsessed Mabel was in heaven with the episode that tackled the question, ‘Why do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?’


Pants on Fire is a stack of fun – especially in this day and age of fake news! In each episode, a kid interviews two experts on a particular topic, one of which is a genuine, credentialed expert; the other a liar. Hilarious and fast-paced, the show teaches kids to ask insightful questions, weigh the evidence before them, and trust their gut instinct.



Illustration by Yanni Floros
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