Another Lap Around The Sun


Today, it’s my birthday.

All I can see is 365 rapid fire days that sped past in a blur. So, this morning while everyone was still sleeping, I looked back and scribbled down the things I did, learnt and was challenged by on my latest lap around the sun:

  • Made a wider life – and living from the inside out – my focus.
  • Adored seeing Alfie traverse the golden time between childhood and puberty. We’ve been sharing the most amazing conversations together. Always in the car, sitting next to each other, looking ahead. It seems to make even the trickiest of conversations more comfortable!
  • Feeling my heart sing as Mabel shed her shyness and found a quiet confidence.
  • Started journalling daily.
  • Finished our little shipping container cabin and spent a glorious summer in it.
  • Traveled overseas to Tokyo, Singapore, Indonesia, LA, Las Vegas and my ultimate bucket list destination, Amangiri in Utah.
  • Missed out on the trip of a lifetime to India with my father by just 12 hours.
  • Started building our dream home.
  • Listened to a lot of Joep Beving.
  • Learnt to ask, not complain. It’s a big difference!
  • Was unprepared for how sentimental I would be when Mabel started school.
  • Enjoyed the best girl’s weekend in Hobart. We caught the ferry to Mona, ate at Franklin and wondered Salamanca Markets and Battery Point.
  • Started a tradition with Alfie where every school holidays he and I would head to the Dandenongs and do the 1,000 steps together.
  • Had my mind blown at The House of Mirrors.
  • Visited a Shamanic Witch and lived to tell the tale!
  • Met two beautiful new friends who instantly felt like soulmates.
  • Lined up in the dead of Winter for almost three hours to see ‘The Omega Project‘, an incredible installation by street artist, Rone, in an abandoned house.
  • Got hit for six with Swine Flu. Ugh!
  • Saw Dita Von Teese perform.
  • Tried lots of amazing new restaurants, but without a doubt the most phenomenal meal I had was at Narisawa.
  • Had a digital detox for a month to see how much of a distraction social media really is.
  • Worked hard at heathy, conscious relating. Relationships are a skill and the idea that you can get through on a hunch is naive at best.
  • Learnt to expect nothing and become less attached to outcomes.
  • Became more disciplined with fortnightly float tank sessions.
  • Practiced saying no and setting boundaries.
  • Read a stack. My three favourites were Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson and Nina Riggs’, The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying.
  • Added monthly craniosacral and acupunture sessions at Esolab to my little routine of things I stick religiously to for my health (and happiness!)
  • Discovered the secret to stopping hangovers…and no it doesn’t involve giving up vino!
  • Practiced the idea of going lightly – to feel things lightly, lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.

And for my next lap around the sun? I think it’s going to be my best yet…

I’ve feel settled, happy and excited for the adventures that I have planned. In fact, when I read this piece that I wrote on my birthday two years ago, I realise just how far I have come.

Which made me think – Perhaps it’s not so much a case of getting older, but getting better at living the life I want.



Image: Drake on Cake
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