A Letter to Alfie

a-letter-to-alfieDear Alfie boy,

I remember your first night in this world like it was yesterday. I sat holding your head in the palm of my hand and marvelled that your entire body fit along my forearm.

Big fat tears dropped down my cheek as I felt completely out of my depth as a mother. I had no idea what to do. Nothing seemed instinctual. And yet, over the last eight years, there hasn’t been a single day that you haven’t gently guided me along my journey as a parent.

We survived the sleepless newborn nights, past your toddler obsession with Scooby Doo, through the first years of you striking out into the world and starting school. And here we are now…


You’re eight and the light of my life.

No one looks at me the way you do. No one fills me with wonder like you do.

You’re creative, clever and always making us laugh!

I love it when we go for a run and ride on a Sunday afternoon. Or when we do the 1,000 steps together during the school holidays. Being with you is like swimming in honey.

You’re loyal, passionate and happy.

You’re the first one to say each evening that we should play the 3 Gs and the last one I check on before getting into bed at the end of each day.

You have a strong sense of self and a quite confidence that I hope never leaves.



Yesterday, when we walked to the shops in the late Autumn sun, you linked your arm around my waist. In that moment, my heart felt like it might explode as I thought of the child you were, the boy you are and the man you will become.

The world is yours for the taking, Alfie.





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