50 Things I Learnt from My Mother + A Special Mother’s Day Giveaway from David Jones {Closed}

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For their latest campaign, David Jones is celebrating motherhood by capturing Jesinta Campbell, Jason Dundas and Montana Cox with their mums. You can see all the portraits from this series here, but I also wanted to share these behind-the-scenes snaps that Wes Nel and I captured on the day of the shoot.


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It’s the laughter, a little glance or the way arms gently entwine that tells a very genuine story of the love, connection and closeness of mother and child…no matter how big that child becomes!

Watching this shoot unfold and hearing Jesinta, Jason and Montana talk about their mums, got me thinking about my own mama, Sally. She’s made a couple of appearances on Checks and Spots, but, I’ve never really shared just how deeply our relationship runs.

She is my best friend. Most days we would speak at least three times and when life gets in the way and it’s been too long between catch ups, I honestly feel homesick to be by her side.

Since becoming a mother myself, I’ve gained a whole new perspective of the home and family life mum created for us. So inspired by David Jones’ Mother’s Day campaign, I wanted to pen a list of 50 things I learnt from my mum.


50 Things I Learnt From My Mother



  1. The key to parenting is consistency, consistency, consistency.
  2. The most magical spot in Melbourne is lying under the stained-glass ceiling in the NGV’s Great Hall.
  3. How to bake my grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe from heart.
  4. That home should always be a soft place to fall for everyone in the family.
  5. To really, truly be yourself.
  6. When a relationship is over, you’ll know when to walk away.
  7. Slow down.
  8. Care about the right things
  9. Crazy dancing in the kitchen makes everything better.
  10. How to file and paint my nails – something she showed me, sitting in our kitchen on the day of my Year 7 formal.
  11. The art of rocking and shushing a baby to sleep.
  12. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Listen to your gut instinct.
  13. How to play the piano.
  14. Be kind to others.
  15. Be kind to yourself.
  16. The mental and physical are connected.
  17. Actions speak louder than words.
  18. When decorating, arrange pieces in odd numbers, never even-number groupings.
  19. Just have a go.
  20. Be adventurous. The best things happen outside your comfort zone.
  21. How not to catch a ball.
  22. Never stop learning.
  23. Say please and thank you. Look them in the eye and use their name.
  24. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have and you’ll never go without.
  25. Be kind.
  26. Don’t raise the white flag too quickly.
  27. The feeling of satisfaction when you line your Derwent pencils up in the right order!
  28. Be generous.
  29. How to sing all the words to Piano Man.
  30. Listen.
  31. Pick your battles.
  32. Create memories and traditions.
  33. You can’t fix everything and everyone.
  34. How to wrangle a toddler who is the midst of a throw-down tantrum.
  35. What to say to that toddler in the teachable moment after their throw-down tantrum.
  36. Afternoon tea is always a good idea.
  37. Have an opinion.
  38. Don’t take things personally.
  39. How to drive.
  40. Be in the moment.
  41. Fresh flowers make a house a home, especially jonquils in winter.
  42. Choose the path less travelled.
  43. Love is spoken and shown.
  44. Be honest. The truth always comes out in the end.
  45. Work hard.
  46. Treat others the way you want be treated.
  47. Know when to say ‘no’.
  48. Be happy in your own company.
  49. It takes a village to raise a child.
  50. Everything is going to be all right.


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To share the love and spoil your mum this Mother’s Day, David Jones are giving away a KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr gift pack that is valued at $99.95

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Entries close 10pm Monday 4 May 2015. Good luck!

Edit: Many thanks to everyone who entered and a big congratulations to our winner, Vicki. Stay tuned for more giveaways and fun times on Checks and Spots!

Photography by Wes Nel. 

Competition Fine Print: Competition open to Australian readers only.  This is a game of skill. The winner will be decided by Checks and Spots. Winner announced on Checks and Spots on Tuesday 5 May2015 and contacted via email. Prize is not transferable. 
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