5 Artists and Creators Who Use 3D Printing That You Need To Know About


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For the last few years, there’s been a lot of hype around 3D printing, a process that produces a three dimensional solid object from a digital file.

Designers have been using this revolutionary technology to blow open the way we manufacture everything from car parts and architecture to medical equipment and artificial organs. But what excites me most is the way forward-thinking artists and creators are taking the science of 3D printing and using it to produce incredibly, beautiful work. So, inspired by Officeworks bringing the first 3D Experience Centre to Australia in its Russell Street store, I thought I would roundup of five seriously talented folk who are using 3D printing in ways you’d never have imagined.


Wearable Planter

wearable-planter-3d-printing-2 Wearable Planter is an art and design studio that’s cranking out jewellery that’s strives to make “life more pleasant.” Each super sweet planter is 3D printed out of nylon and individually dyed.


Valissa Butterworth


Australian artist, Valissa Butterworth, makes stunning porcelain tableware using a thoughtful mix of 3D printing with hand moulding.

“My porcelain tableware is a fusion of technology and traditional ceramic techniques,” explains Valissa. “Each concept is developed using design software then printed on 3D printers in various mediums. From here the pieces are molded and cast by hand using coloured porcelain.”


Dirk Vander Kooij


Dirk Vander Kooij is a Dutch designer and true craftsman who creates furniture, chairs, tables and lighting with a 3D printer he built himself.


Francis Bitonti


Francis Bitonti is a digital fashion pioneer who initially trained as an architect but has recently applied advanced manufacturing techniques to fashion, jewelry and accessories, including a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese.


Alessandro Zambelli


Playing with air and light, energy and fluid form, Alessandro Zambelli uses 3D printing to create his delicate, lace like pendant lamps.


Get Your 3D Printing Experience

officeworks-3D-printing officeworks-3D-printingTo get up close and personal with this world-changing technology, drop by Officeworks’ 3D Experience Centre. The first of its kind in Australia, the 3D Experience Centre lets you:

  • Bring in a USB stick with a 3D design file and let Officeworks print your model in 3D
  • Scan your favourite keepsake or treasured object and create a 3D replica model.
  • Have some fun and get immortalised with a lifelike mini version of yourself! Just pop in store at Officeworks Russell Street where 144 cameras in a specially designed booth will scan you and print a mini version of yourself in 3D . It’s perfect for creating an innovative and quirky gift, capturing your family in a one-of-a-kind way or creating a mini-me to keep the kids in line when you’re not around!
  • Find out more about the possibilities of this new technology and the 3D printers that you can take home with you.


Officeworks 3D Experience Centre // 11/271 – 275 Russell Street, Melbourne.


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