22 Pro Packing Tips and Hacks


Disclosure: I was gifted a StyleAIR suitcase to review.


I’m usually rubbish at packing. I never leave enough time to do it properly and always pack the wrong things. Oh, and let’s not get started on my packing performance for our honeymoon when I was so hungover that I packed not one but two TV remotes. For real!

Before heading to the US, I decided to up my packing game and learn from the pros. So, I asked around and read up on packing tips that would help me edit down my wardrobe, take what I need and feel much more adult about traveling! Here’s what I learnt and why this trip is different to all the others..


22 Pro Packing Tips and Hacksstyleair-suitcase-review-packing-tips


  1. Pick the right bag and choose an extra light suitcase. For my trip to the US, I’m using StyleAIR luggage by Paklite. Made from ultra lightweight and strong Bayer Makrolon its high impact resistant yet pretty as light as a feather (the largest case comes in at only 3.8 kg).
  2. A simple formula for packing just the right amount of clothing is to take three tops for every bottom.
  3. To roll or fold? The answer is both! Folding is best for packing fabrics that will wrinkle, while rolling suits pieces that are unlikely to wrinkle, like tshirts, jeans, exercise gear and light knits.
  4. Wrap belts around the interior frame of the case.
  5. If you’re traveling for business, turn your blazers inside out and roll them before packing.
  6. Lay clothes that wrinkle easily flat inside a dry-cleaning bag and then fold as normal. The plastic helps creases from setting in.
  7. Styling You has some great tips for how to pack a hat so that it doesn’t end up as flat as a pancake!
  8. Taking a clutch or extra handbag? Stuff them with your smalls! It will help them keep their shape and save on space.
  9. Pack nearly empty toiletries and leave them behind.
  10. Seventy per cent of suitcases on any given carousel are black. A coloured suitcase (like one of the StyleAIR’s fashion forward navy blue, champagne or charcoal cases) makes finding your luggage easier to identify.
  11. Avoid overpacking because squashed clothes are creased clothes
  12. Fill shoes with socks or bulky jewellery.
  13. Protect powder makeup products from breaking by popping a cotton ball or cotton pad inside the compact.
  14. Make sure you have enough medication to cover unforeseen delays like the recent ash cloud over Bali.
  15. Use a shower cap to cover the soles of your shoes.
  16. Think about the number of outfits you need and subtract one. Even then, you probably won’t wear everything you pack!
  17. Keep loose bobby pins in an empty tic tact box so you don’t lose them.
  18. An unlocked suitcase may invalidate your insurance, so make sure yours is locked and secure. If you’re travelling to the US your lock needs to be TSA approved so it can be opened by security officers who are checking luggage with a universal ‘master’ key. For extra piece of mind, all StyleAIR cases have built-in,  TSA approved locks.
  19. If you aren’t prepared to lose it, don’t pack it in your checked luggage.
  20. Use a pill container to store rings and keep delicate jewellery from getting tangled.
  21. Pack your heaviest items – like shoes – along the wheel base. This stabilizes the bag so it won’t topple over
  22. Try not to check in late – even if you make the flight, your luggage may not.


What are your packing tips?


Paklite logo[3]You can check out the full StyleAIR range here.

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