10 Clever Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


Creative wrapping sets the tone for a thoughtful gift. So, add a little festive magic to your presents with my round up 10 clever Christmas gift wrapping ideas.


Chalkboard Packages


Christmas doesn’t always have to be about red and green. Bonnie at Going Home To Roost used black Kraft paper and a few white paint markers to create her striking ‘chalkboard’ packages.

Washi Tape Graphic Print


Washi tape has to be one of the hardest working present wrappers in the business! This Christmas, take a cue from Molly at Almost Makes Perfect and use it to create your own custom made wrapping paper. For a modern look, use white paper (rather than Kraft) as your base and then get busy cutting and sticking your tape. Too easy!


A Bit of This, A Bit Of That


Keep your wrapping paper simple and add visual interest with one unexpected element. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune to get the look right either, just make like MacGyver and use baubles, ribbon, string, maps, magazine tear sheets and other things you find around the house. What makes this wrapping fun is when you play with scale. Go oversized for drama while tiny looks sweet. After all, gift wrapping that is quirky and unexpected might just be more impressive than the present inside!


Modern Monochrome


Give your presents a contemporary edge but opting for a monochrome palette. Marbled paper, textural string and a sprig of greenery will have your gifts standing out for all the right reasons.


Get The Kids Involved


Grab the rug rats, a box of crayons and some tissue paper for Adrienne Wong’s easy peasy DIY gift wrapping project. Simply sandwich wax shaving between layers of tissue paper (three on top and three on the bottom) and then iron until the wax has melted.


Peppermint Packaging


Got precious cargo on board? Then why not ditch ugly Styrofoam beads and use peppermints instead! You can also stay on theme by sticking to a palette of red and white when you wrap your presents.


Fabric Gift Wrapping


For something that’s both unique and environmentally friendly, skip wrapping paper all together and use fabric to create you own Furoshiki, or Japanese wrapping cloth. Just lay out a square piece of fabric in a diamond shape, and place a box in the centre. Bring the top corner over the box, and then tuck it underneath. Repeat with the bottom corner. And, voila!


Make Your Own Paper


You don’t have to be a DIY Pro to create your own beautiful wrapping paper. In fact, Go Forth! has one of the easiest craft projects going around. Just roll out a strip of uncoated wrapping paper face up, pour acrylic paint into a cup and use a paintbrush to flick it (like you’re drumming).


Tinsel Topper


For a super festive gift topper, make a tinsel pom pom in literally 5 seconds! Amy from Homey Oh My blog shows you how here.



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