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Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit

As soon as the cold weather hits I go into full locust mode. Forget grazing, I strip the fridge and pantry bare as I graze all day long.

In my hunt for a the perfect snack that tastes good and that I don’t need to feel guilty about, I came across Yoplait’s newly launched Bon Appetit, a super-thick natural Greek yoghurt with a layer of real fruit at the bottom. Don’t get fooled by its cute name, Bon Appetit means serious snacking business! It comes in at a very reasonable  110 calories and is loaded with protein to keep you feeling full for longer.

To help launch Bon Appetit, Yoplait has teamed up with author, businesswoman and supermum, Zoë Foster Blake, who I recently caught up.


Snack Attack with Zoë Foster Blake!

Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit Ambassador

How do you like to eat to feel good and have enough energy to get through a busy day?
Constantly. I think it’s ludicrous, for example, not to have a meal between lunch and dinner, which is usually about a seven hour period. So that afternoon mini-meal (‘snack’) is especially important for me and I look for something that’s high protein to keep me feeling fuller for longer. I’ll have Greek yoghurt with fruit (Yoplait Bon Appetit is my favourite, they make it so easy with the fruit already added) fruit, nuts, carrots, whatever is around. And a fair whack of it.


What healthy snacks do you nibble on during the day?
Nuts, Greek yoghurt, fruit, peanut butter and crackers, healthy muffins I make to grab and go, the occasional protein ball, cheese and crackers, pita and hummus… I try to set a good example for my son, too. So no salt and vinegar chips and beer for lunch anymore.


What are the best foods for fabulous skin?
Green tea is good, because of the antioxidants, fish has essential fatty acids which is great for fighting skin-aging inflammation, and in fact all the protein in dairy helps skin be more resistant to wrinkles; so there’s another win for Greek yoghurt.


As a busy mum, author and business woman, what do you do to take care of you?
I’m like a dog, in that I need constant treats as incentive. That might mean a burger and cocktails as a reward for a big work week, or a new pair of shoes for finishing a big project, or a weekly osteopathic massage for constantly picking up an enormous baby.


What exercise do you like to fit into your week?
I walk a lot, and then do a strengthening exercise session twice a week, lots of bodyweight stuff to make my body strong.


Winter Recharge Snack Pack Giveaway – Valued at $170

Yoplait Bon Appetit

To celebrate the launch of Yoplait’s new Bon Appetit, I have two Winter Recharge Snack Packs to giveaway. Each prize is valued at $170 and contains:

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Competition open to Australian Metro readers (because product needs to be transported by cold courier). Entry closes at 10 pm Thursday 4 June 2015. Good luck!

Edit – Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway! Congratulations to our winners, Yuki Simmonds and Diana. Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Competition Fine Print: Competition open to Australian Metro readers only.  This is a game of skill. The winner will be decided by Checks and Spots. Two winners announced on Checks and Spots on Thursday 4 June 2015 and contacted via email. Prize is not transferable.
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  • Laura

    A banana!

  • Laura Kagan

    A banana!!

  • Claire Pitcher

    Air popped popcorn

  • Katrina

    I created my own mix of almond, dried apricots, cranberries and goji berries

  • Sian

    Some cut up apple with a little cheddar cheese!

  • Homemade granola with greek yoghurt.

  • Yuki Simmonds

    A mix of licorice, raw almonds, pumkin and sunflower seeds, plus peppermint tea. Maybe a small choc every now and again (ok most days now that I’m pregnant).

  • This yoghurt sounds delicious. I love that it is thicker, I don’t like runny yoghurt. Mostly my afternoon snack is an orange, I actually look forward to it all afternoon. However, I’ve been reading lately about increasing the amount of fermented food in my diet and protein and calcium are so important for us (and calcium apparently helps with weight control too) so I’m thinking of switching over to yoghurt

  • Lndeang

    Its my daily nutriblast, I make one before I go on the school run. I like to give my kids a prepared meal when they return from school and also like to share a healthy breakfast with them.
    IMO we can all teach kids to eat healthy but i’m not a fan of nutriblast etc.. i think it’s very obsessive for children. So its my hidden at home Snack.
    Reading back on this post, I think I’m the only one to make sense out of it!!! lol

  • Louise

    Dates covered in shaved coconut, yum

  • Ying Ying TAN

    Love some cheese and rice crackers with a cuppa hot choc!

  • Lara

    I admit I carry around kids Petit Miams so I don’t have to worry about a spoon!

  • bec

    I love homemade hummus and carrot sticks with a few almonds and about 7 cups of green tea. Yoghurt is a great idea though! x

  • Cate

    My afternoon delight is most often almond butter on rice cakes with a cuppa 🙂

  • Lisa Bright

    In the afternoons I’m craving sugar after a long night up with the nursling then entertaining him all day. Enter this scrummy smoothie: a salted caramel smoothie I invented with dates, cashew butter, maple syrup, sea salt, coconut milk, ice. Holy yum!

  • Leanne Payne

    A big handful of roasted almonds satisfies my 3pm cravings.

  • Rosemarie

    Cruskits with cheese and vegemite and a cup of tea

  • Di

    Home made water crackers, they’re crisp and delicious, with Brie or Camembert.

  • Jacky Burkett

    Home made mango smoothie – just ice, frozen mango and milk – delicious and filling.

  • Natasha Andrews

    I love chopped apple, cinnamon, a sprinkling of sultanas and think creamy Greek yoghurt. These look like the perfect easy way to get my favourite snack without the effort – will need to give them a go – thanks!

  • Karina Lee

    Steaming hot green tea with banana bread!

  • Trail mix is the quick and easy option but a savoury snack I really enjoy is vegie chips with tahini.

  • Tali Claire

    I love golden delicious apples… yum!

  • Gee

    I love smashed avocado on some toasted rye bread with a sprinkling of toasted pepitas, a touch of salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon!

  • Nicole Kent

    I love one of my home made bliss balls to feed off those afternoon chocolate cravings. Made from dates, cashews, chia seeds, maple syrup and cacao they are nutritious, filling and moreish!!!

  • Jessica Maloney

    Pink Lady apple slices, dipped in crunch peanut butter. (Also because it makes me get songs from Grease in my head, every damn time.)

  • Tali Claire

    Golden delicious apples, cut into slices.

  • Louise Frank

    I alternate between organic rice cakes with peanut butter – and a banana smoothie with honey and coconut milk – delicious!

  • austhome

    Raisin toast and a cup of Nescafe Blend 43 coffee.

  • CocoaLoco

    I make home made cereal bars. Delicious and easy and I know exactly whats in them! Plus I always have everything I need in the fridge/pantry!

  • melj

    Figs and pistachio nuts, beautiful!

  • Michelle Gray

    Brazil nuts, they help with my sluggish thyroid.

  • Maria Stringer

    Raisin toast with a cup of steamy green tea, oh yes, lots of butter on the toast!! Was it supposed to be healthy??

  • Angela Hogan

    Apples, cheese and assorted nuts gets me through the afternoon

  • Monique Palmer

    Almond milk…amazing!!!

  • Cathy H

    A jaffle made with raisin toast with an apple filling… YUM!

  • Helena Leung

    A slice of sour dough, spread with avocado and topped with smoked salmon and capers. Enjoy with a hot cup of lemon water for a healthy, easy to digest snack 🙂

  • Donna Dwyer

    Thick Greek yoghurt with three different coloured types of fruit – stops me feeling sleepy!!

  • Tamara Lamb

    Fruit salad with yogurt. Fresh, healthy, yummy and a great pick me up.

  • Kate Kozina

    I like mixing it up. Variety is the spice of life for me and I’m mindful of keeping even BSL for optimum performance and concentration. I’m also motivated by the seasons. Winter I find soups, toasties and bagels rule supreme. Summer is smoothies, yoghurts with chia, acai and berries.

  • Heather Hopley

    Fresh ginger tea and a portion of a protein bar is my favourite treat. But fruit is always good too.

  • sonya

    My fave arvo snack is spooning sweetened condensed milk out of the tin!

  • Lynne Lillington

    I love fresh tomato and cheese on a rye cracker sprinkled with black pepper.

  • Melissa Krohn

    Cheese and crackers

  • Kirsten W

    Sour Cream Chocolate Muffins with Nutella Frosting and topped with Maltesers. It might not be healthy, but it is certainly my favourite!

  • Lesleigh

    A sliced banana topped with yoghurt

  • Alicia L

    I love a little yoghurt with muesli – and if I’m feeling
    like a little chocolate fix, I add some cacao puffs to the mix.

  • Tracy Starrett Spillane

    I love a cup of home made tomato and tasted pepper soup, with a swirl of yoghurt and a cheesy herb wholemeal scone, warming, delicious and healthy.

  • Michele Collins

    I love my apple sliced with custard

  • Amanda Bartlett

    Fresh popped popcorn, it tastes delicious but feels naughty and it’s under 100 calories.

  • Berrenson Thai

    a fruit and cheese platter, its all about variety

  • Courtney

    ohh it may be a little naughty, but I love some tasty cheese, sliced thinly, and a handful of corn chips!

  • petrie46

    oh for afternoon its a cuppa and a piece of museli bar

  • Alicia Bardsley

    Tim Tams and a cup of tea

  • Judith Senese

    A delicious Apple crumble muffin with a cup of coffee or tea, depending on my mood.

  • Narelle Rock

    I love a little bit of dark chocolate as an afternoon snack, just enough for a treat without over indulging.

  • rcheerful

    I just love carrot pieces, celery, cheese flavoured sakatas dipped in my favourite Avocado dip yummo!!!

  • Sharon Markwell

    I’m a bit nuts, so almonds & cashews are my choice snack to get me through the afternoons, but would love to combine with Yoplait.

  • Joanne Emery

    A light salad wrap

  • Jenny

    Greek yoghurt with walnuts and just a touch of honey

  • Judith Missen

    Buckwheat pancakes

  • Danielle R

    Chocolate for my lips, but it goes straight to my hips. So a handful of nuts will have to do, with a couple of sultanas too!

  • Charisse

    A nibble of weights, a big bite of cardio, an apple to keep the doctor away, almonds to keep me nutty and water with ice.

  • lauralai

    Toasted mountain bread, with some salsa and a bit of naughty sour cream!

  • Kristie

    slices of pear topped with a slice of camambert cheese

  • Sheree Pallis

    Love a delicious range of homemade dips
    Served with sesame seed biscuit strips
    AND fruit kebabs as they look divine
    I’m a little OCD….love things all in a line!!
    With simple cherry tomatoes and squares of cheese
    Are a definite favourite as they certainly please!
    And finally sticks of cucumber and mini feta pies
    Are delicious and healthy snacks that my afternoon supplies!

  • LilMiss Kibby

    i am usually running in between teaching dance fitness classes and 4 kids at school so my energy boost is a protein bar or nuts as they are handy to keep in my bag and avoiding skipping eating

  • Abby Lee

    I love yoghurt coated raisins 🙂

  • Leanne White

    Some thing quick and easy as a busy mum doing school runs, dinner ironing etc… My children and I always have a yoplait yoghurt. Easy for them to eat on the run whilst in the car!

  • Mikaela Cowan

    fruit and nuts covered in dark chocolate!

  • Laura Scriven

    Hummus and veggie sticks,
    It always does the trick!
    Powered through until dinner,
    And it’s a health winner!

  • Belinda Bee

    Out on my deck, with the resident ‘wild’ rainbow lorikeet on my shoulder, I love the occasional slice of heavily seeded sourdough bread lightly toasted with stretchy melted mozzarella cheese! the seeds are for the pretty bird, can’t have her miss out!

  • Emma Puszkar

    Celery and organic peanut butter sticks…shhhhh

  • Charlotte

    In Summer I love frozen berries and yoghurt blended into a cooling smoothie/froyo… in Winter, that becomes berries warmed and added to steamy porridge… both are delicious, nutritious and provide the perfect burst of energy I need as an afternoon pick-me-up!

  • Annette Wardrop

    Frozen yoghurt, any flavour!