Write to Change: March

Write to Change Write to Change Write to Change Write to Change Write to Change

New month. New Season. New Write to Change. Could you fit any more newness into March?!

But before we look forwards, let’s look back. How did you go with Write to Change in February? You can see what some of the Write to Change peeps took on for Feb in the pics above.

My goal was to complete a photography short course. Well, technically I haven’t finished it yet (but that’s only because the Eyes Open Creative Photography e-Course goes for six weeks) but I’m high-fiving myself for finally getting off my arse and  learning how to ditch the auto settings!

For March, I’ve decided to take on something a bit different. Rather than ‘do’ something, I want to create a new habit:

How to Make a New Habit Stick

I think this is probably going to be the hardest Write to Change I have attempted, but also the most worthwhile as technology has a grip on my days.

To set myself up for success (after all who want’s to be a loser?!) I’ve done a bit of research and  come up with five tips for making a new habit stick:

  1. Be honest with yourself and identify the real reason why your habit hasn’t stuck previously. This means you can address the root of the cause rather than the effect.
  2. It’s easy to get over-motivated and want to ‘fix’ everything, but taking on too many changes inevitably leads to failure. Instead, focus on creating just one new habit at a time.
  3. Consistency is critical so make your new habit something you do daily for at least thirty days.
  4. Use ‘but’ to change negative thought patterns. For example, “I can’t run, but, if I try jogging for a minute longer each day then I might get better later.”
  5. If you’re giving up something, make sure you’re adequately replacing any needs you’ve lost. For example: If having a glass of wine at the end of the day was the way you relaxed, you could treat yourself to a magazine or watch a film as a way to replace that same need.

So – are you going to join Sarah and I in Write to Change for March?

All you have to do is write down just one goal or focus for March. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small change – it just has to be something you want to achieve by the end of the month.

Then, take a photo of it and share what you’ve written on Instagram and tag it with #writetochange or post it on Checks and Spots’ Facebook page.

What’s your goal for March?

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