Write to Change

Come on! Let’s do something different in 2013. Let’s do something together.

Rather than start the year with grandiose resolutions that fail before January is through, let’s try Write to Change.

On the first of each month, I challenge you to write down just one goal or focus. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small change – it just has to be something you want to achieve by the end of the month.

Then, take a photo of it and share what you’ve written on Instagram and tag it with #writetochange or post it on Checks and Spots’ Facebook page.

By sharing our goals publicly, there’s no hiding. Think of Write to Change as outsourced self-control! Research proves that when we are accountable we are far more likely to fulfill our goals.

At the end of each month we’ll revisit our goal, reflect on how we went and set a new focus for the coming month.

Throughout the year, I’ll also be sharing insights for successful goal setting and how to make changes stick.

So, are you in?

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