Write To Change: April

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April already? Are you going to join Sarah and I for Write to Change this month?

All you have to do is write down just one goal or focus for April. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small change – it just has to be something you want to achieve by the end of the month.

Then, take a photo of it and share what you’ve written on Instagram and tag it with #writetochange or post it on Checks and Spots’ Facebook page.

Last month I set myself the goal of having an 8pm technology curfew. To be honest, there were a few nights that I failed at this one. But it certainly made me more mindful of the need to disconnect (to connect with other parts of my life) and is something I’m going to keep doing.

As for this month…well check this out!


I’m a serious victim of trying to fit too much into my days. It means I end up rushing from one thing to the next and never leave myself enough time. In April though, I’m going to slow the pace a little and make sure I’m on time to everything. Sounds easy, but will be damn hard!

If you’re joining in Write to Change, then you might like to check out these three niffy apps that making sticking to your April goal all that bit easier:

  1. Way of Life is a really straightforward way to track, identify and change habits daily.
  2. Don’t Break the Chain is a simple calendar based on Jerry Seinfeld’s motivation technique of crossing off each day you successfully accomplish a goal and using that as momentum to keep going. This app is handy for a goal that you’re working on every day rather than intermittently.
  3. StickK is backed by research out of Yale that found people don’t always do what they claim they want to do and that incentives get people to do things.  By StickK motivates users to achieve their goals by engaging them to create “commitment contracts.” You can also designate a referee to your monitor progress and confirm achievements and have the option of laying stakes (money you’re willing to risk if you don’t stick to your goal).
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