Why You Should Only Be Eating Australian-Grown Garlic

Australian Garlic

Regardless of whether you use garlic to ward of vampires or make a meal tastier, make sure it’s Australian grown.

Imported garlic, particularly product that comes from the world’s largest garlic producer, China, is often whitened using chlorine or a mixture of sulphur and wood ash to make it look more cosmetically appealing. It may also often have been treated with growth inhibitors made from hormones and chemicals to stop it sprouting or treated with gamma irradiation to artificially extend its shelf life.

And if that’s  of not enough to put you totally off, Australia  requires that all garlic regardless of origin is fumigated with methyl bromide (a chemical that is toxic to humans if inhaled or absorbed through the skin) at entry to Australia.

So, if you’re going to have garlic breath, it pays to shop locally!

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