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Evie, the ultra talented and all-round sweet gal from Handmade Romance, has given me the Kreative Blog Award. To play along, I have to share seven things about myself. As I wrote about something similar to this a few months back, I thought I’d make my seven things specific to Friday and the week that was.

1. This is my partner in crime. Every Friday morning we have a dance-off! Today’s sound track was Love Cats.

2. I’m currently going through a phase where my preferred end-of-the-week tipple is Hendrick’s Gin, tonic and a slither of cucumber.

3. The highlight of my week has been my boy returning from overseas – and the Kate Spade wallet that came with him.

4. I‘m still dreaming of the hot chocolate and escargot I had at Cowderoy’s Dairy on Wednesday morning.

5. This week I read True Love by Vietnamese Zen monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. I didn’t realise it at the time, but this little book really made its mark on me. In fact, I’m already doing things differently.

6. I can’t believe that Footy is back on the box. The only plus side of this is that my boy will resume his Friday night ‘peace offering’ of at least three magazines for me to flick through while he watches it!

7. I’m happy to report that even when you don’t work full time, you still get ‘that’ Friday afternoon feeling.

Now – I’d like to pass this on to pen.ny, Love Again, Post Grad Hair Cut, duo, Katie Crackernuts, Ché and Fidel and e tells tales.

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