Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday: One Year On

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Remember how we followed my friends Karina and Clinton through the highs and the lows as they rolled up their sleeves and created their business Tuck Shop Take Away? Well it’s been a year since they opened the doors and started serving up kick ass burgers, hand cut chips, jaffles, shakes and sodas. Oh, and let’s not forget their out-of-this-world sweets! So, I thought we should check in and see how things are going one year on… 


Tuck Shop Take Away: One Year On

Has it been a year already?! Yes it absolutely has and on one hand it has flown by and on the other we have felt all 365 days of it…..


Rewind back to the early months and it was tough, in reflection actually very tough. To put it in perspective we are nearly 3 times busier now and we run smoother today than we did on any of the first 90 days we were open. As with anything like this it’s a massive learning curve and time brings things together, brings things into perspective and you just become more efficient and knowledgeable. You handle things swiftly and with ease once you have encountered it before, or several times before and in the beginning we were just plain and simply new to it all.


We received a huge rush of media interest from the get go and were thrust into the public eye almost immediately. Visits from The Thousands, Broadsheet and Good Food (Epicure) were immediate and we were receiving rave reviews from them all, but we learned quickly that by putting ourselves out there we too opened ourselves up to criticism. This has been the hardest thing to deal with. Whilst we are aware of and even open to opinions and feedback we have learned too well that it can go much further than that. The internet is a tool where people have the ability to say whatever they want about you with no consequences. People just don’t realise what they say can effect someone and cause great hurt. We are certainly not out to give someone a bad experience and it seems nothing is off bounds when someone takes to the keyboard. We are so heavily criticised for our shop and what we do and it can get so serious but it comes down to the simple fact that all were doing is what we love the best and opening the doors for the public to come and enjoy it.


Alas, this is all part and parcel of owning any café or restaurant and we have to constantly remember for every negative comment there are hundreds of positive ones. What is that saying again….?


A close second on the list of things that we have found tough is staffing. It is a never ending battle and things will only ever be settled for a moment before the next dilemma rears its head. With over twice as many staff as we thought we’d ever have it is a job in itself looking after them! I constantly tell them I have two biological children and a bunch of unintentional Tuck Shop children…..



tuck-shop-take-away tuck-shop-take-away

So on to the wonderful things! We have been honored and completely humbled in just 12 short months to receive many accolades including The Herald Suns Top 10 Burgers, The Burger Adventures Top 10 Burgers of 2013, Epicure’s Top 10 Jaffles and The Urban List’s Best Milkshakes. That pretty much covers our entire menu! How amazing is that. Add to that having to put a “Sold Out” sign up at least once a week and I’d say we have a lot to be proud of!


On the home front, we are managing quite well with a super busy business and two small children. We have a very set routine down pat and it runs very smoothly 95% of the time, the wheels come off when something gets thrown in to the mix like one of the kids coming down sick but we have managed to pull it off every time… fingers crossed.


There are times we look back on our life two years ago and how “simple” it used to be. We wonder what we did with our time and wish we could borrow some of it back but without a doubt we wouldn’t change a thing.


So with this whirlwind 12 months behind us we look forward to the next year, the future and beyond.


Tuck Shop is now a legacy for our children, a permanent part of us and something we are very, very proud of.


Tuck Shop Take Away // 273 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield, VIC // See more here or follow them on Instagram.

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