Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday

IMG_20130615_102736It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away. Let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and see what they’ve been up as they dream, create and roll their sleeves up to turn their gem of an idea into a business.


This week was super productive on site with things seeming to move forward in leaps and bounds in just one day. Thursday was the turning point with a head count of seven tradies in total rushing around the place and a buzz like we haven’t had yet. Between 7am and 5pm the shop went from a half-finished space to an almost complete one! It was very exciting and goose bump worthy walking into it late that night when the kids were in bed like we do most days, to take a look around at the work that was done that day and pinch ourselves again…..


So with the builders, plumber and electrician in full swing mid-week, we brought in the tiler on Friday to do the back prep kitchen and shop front. With the stainless steel sinks and benches fitted, shelving up and tiles done the back is almost complete which means I can get in soon and start testing some recipes! Very exciting indeed. Taste testers will be required, anyone interested?


We had a quiet week on the shopping front for a change. Although what am I saying, we found our communal table!!! That’s big enough on it’s own seeing it’s been the bain of my existence for weeks now. We ventured out to see the lovely Rachel and Gary at Nook Vintage with word of a table that may be perfect for us, and it was. A beautiful recycled hard wood table with a gorgeous rustic patina. We are thrilled and relieved to have found it. Not being able to go to their fabulous warehouse or shopfront and leave with just a table we also picked up a few other items including an awesome school crossing flag!

The week rounded up with the painting being completed on Sunday. Clinton waved his white flag and announced he was getting someone in to do the ceiling which turned out to be a fantastic move as we all know how well cutting in can go for an amateur. So it’s entirely out with the peach and maroon and in with the ceiling white and Chalk USA!

Fresh colour, fresh shopfront, fresh start!

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