Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday

Tuck Shop Take Away

Today is the day that Tuck Shop Take Away throws open it’s doors and starts cranking out the burgers, shakes and delicious sweet treats! So let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and and see how they’ve spent the last week getting ready to open their dream to the world.


This is it!! We open today!! Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday coincides with our grand opening so as you read this we will be either nervous as all hell preparing to open or actually open!!

The week leading up to our big day has been far less running around and more in the shop, fine tuning and making sure every tiny detail is perfect.

Tuck Shop Take Away Melbourne

We kicked off with a pre-opening party to thank everyone who has helped us get this far, from our builders and tradesmen to our interior designers and suppliers. It was a race to the finish with the shop in a mess merely a few hours before the first guests were set to arrive. We ran around like crazy chucking anything that didn’t belong out the back door, out of sight. Steve from Empirical Style put the finishing touches on the dressing with trophies, globes and succulents placed around, whilst calming our nerves with words of encouragement at the same time, bless!

By the time the first person walked through the door it was done, completely and utterly done and this is the actual first time we had seen it like this, in this stage of completion. We were blown away with how well it had all come together and what a difference a few hours and succulents can make!


We sipped milkshakes and ate chocolate and redskin brownies while chatting away to all our guests whom were already or had become our dear friends. It was a complete success.


We have been taste testing away this week also. Lots of umming and ahhing over intensity of sodas, richness of milkshakes and crunchiness of jaffles. Today saw Clinton’s favourite cooked up as he’s been pestering me non-stop about when I’d be running the test batch of doughnuts. They were as good as we remembered and needless to say passed with flying colours.


We made our last big purchase and our favourite piece to date, a huge light up Peters ice cream cone which sits pride of place above the soft serve machine. Speaking of soft serve machines though… we had a major tragedy when the machine we purchased got serviced by our technician and he found it was in need of major repair. Seeing we bought it in working order this was a very big and unexpected surprise and one that would need a new money tree planted out back to have fixed and churning out cones. It was a serious 24hrs debating what to do, we certainly couldn’t afford to fix it and a new one was out of the question too….. a few phone calls later and we had yet another family member help us out to which we owe a life time of soft serve to! We won’t have a machine to open with but it shouldn’t be far off.

So the journey of building the Tuck Shop is nearly over. On one hand we can’t wait to see the tail end of the dusty, dirty and exhausting stage of building and setting up and get in and start running the shop but through all of the ups and downs this stage has been a great life experience, one we will remember fondly and tell stories about in years to come.

For now though, stop reading and get on down to the Tuck Shop and grab a coffee and doughnut because WE’RE OPEN!

Tuck Shop Take Away – 273 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North (corner of Glen Eira Road), Victoria.

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