Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday

Tuck Shop Take Away

Tuck Shop Take Away

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away. With just one week until they open, the finishing touches are going on, their signage went in and things are getting very exciting for Karina and Clinton! 


One week to go! Yep this is the last week we have to get our butts into gear and get Tuck Shop Take Away open. We aim to be pulling that sliding door across for the first day of business mid next week! We aren’t pressuring ourselves into a specific date so any time from Tuesday 16th and we will be up and running… I can’t believe we are nearly there.

This week I received the bulk of my food orders which means the fridges and freezers are full and the shelves bursting with goodies like bags of Felchlin chocolate. Throw into that pretzels, Kettle chips, Redskins and Milko’s and you have a multitude of possibilities!

I trekked across town and back again ten times over with pick-ups in Sunshine, Richmond and St Kilda then Templestowe, Springvale and Mt Martha. Sauce bottles one trip and feathered edging for covering the next, I just can’t wait to be done with the leg work and confined to the 4 walls of the shop to concentrate on the job at hand. Thing is we need to do the leg work to get to the next point, it’s all part of the journey and we wouldn’t be opening without it.


We finished up staining the surfaces and it has come up a treat. A gorgeous grain in different swirls and circles are throughout giving an interesting finish and no two pieces are the same. We went with peg board as the paneling on the front of the cabinets and wrapping around the wall so we had eleven 1800mm x 900mm sheets to paint in our “Mr Frosty Quarter” blue. The cold weather wasn’t kind to us, leaving them still too tacky to saw the next day so it was out with the hair dryer and we took to giving the sheets a blow dry to get them moving along. Oh the things we do……

Tuck Shop Take Away Tuck Shop Take Away

Friday was officially the last day for the builders. After having them around for the last 3 months the place feels empty without them but they have left us with a beautiful brand new shop which is a total transformation from what we started with. Michael Murphy and his team at Aligned Building have done an amazing job. If you ever need something large scale built like say a shop, call them! We highly recommend them, bad singing and all.

Our handsome plumber Chris from Green Light Plumbing (add him to the list for your shop fit out also, he does well with the pipes and entertains the kids too!) came back to finish that darn grease trap once and for all. The cement got poured over it and smoothed off and was sealed with the mandatory hand prints and autographs.

We rounded up the week with half of our signage going up, the rest will follow this week. It was the first real emotional moment standing below it while the panel was slid into the light box. There it was all lit up, once a scribble in our sketch book, now this.

So it’s a race to the finish line… will we get there? Let’s hope there’s no hurdles we can’t jump or bullets we can’t dodge in the next week, we’re nearly there, and we can do this!

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