Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday


It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away. Let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and see what they’ve been up as they dream, create and roll their sleeves up to turn their gem of an idea into a business. This week it was all about close calls, vintage furniture and menu selection.


Another week down, and not nearly enough more up our sleeve! (Is it possible to freeze time? Please someone tell me it is, even if just to comfort me!)

We had a rather eventful week with our first “no, this isn’t happening” moment…

The floors were being done on Friday so we needed the rubble that was left from demolition week piled in the middle of the shop to be taken away. After calling around and sourcing a company we booked them in. They didn’t show…. We rang, they made excuses and said they were coming later… later turned into later still and once they finally showed they told us the job was too big and would have to come back in the morning. The next day was Anzac Day. Morning came and they didn’t show… we rang, they made more excuses and said they’d come later… funnily enough we got the impression they were giving us the run around and called some other companies. Being Anzac Day we were definitely in a pickle.

The thing was, the floors were being done on Friday at 7am and we NEEDED the rubble gone by then. A few desperate phone calls later we finally found a guy who would come later in the afternoon, and on a public holiday. Phew. We rang our first guy and told him not to bother (profanities were involved, I’ll keep this clean) and waited for our savior to come. He showed up, which was a good start but took one look at the mound and said it was too much to do now and would have to come back in the morning – pear shaped doesn’t even come close. We said the flooring was being done at 7am so he promised to come at 5am, YES 5AM, so we left him with a key.

Fast forward to the next morning and I woke with a start at 6.15am, silence, no noise coming from the shop at all. I woke Clinton, who had only collapsed in to bed from work at 2.30am, and we were up in a flash. I had a vision in my head of us in our PJ’s wheeling the rubble in our vintage wheelbarrow  out back, not a pretty picture. Just as soon as Clinton grabbed his phone a truck with flashing yellow lights started reversing under the awning… he was here, late but here. Thankfully he had it taken away just in the nick of time as the flooring guys showed up. What a close call.




The rest of Friday was spent grinding, sanding and sealing to leave the space looking remarkably tidy. The concrete looks great now we can see it and it should polish up a treat.


IMG_20130422_203153 fossil


We also drove out to Fossil Vintage in Fairfield to take a look at some vintage school chairs for our seats. They had two styles we were smitten with, but made the hard decision and chose an unlikely Danish school chair which still has the school room look but is a bit more stylish with trademark European design.

I also took time over the weekend to look at the delicious treats that will be served in the Tuck Shop. I took out my list from months ago, refined it and started going to my recipes, finding the tried and tested ones from previous jobs and drawing inspiration from my favourite chefs. Then I typed them all up. This is an exciting part for me and a really important decision.




I think I’ve finally settled on my recipes and can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking! That will be soon, much sooner than I can get my head around…but bring it on I say!

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