Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday


It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away. Let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and see what they’ve been up as they dream, create and roll their sleeves up to turn their gem of an idea into a business. This week it was all about chocolate, the little details and tradies!


We entered this week holding our breath and with all fingers and toes crossed not wanting a repeat of the week before, which was full of unwanted surprises. And I’m happy to report it was a few steps forward and no steps back!


Tuck Shop Take Away


The shop is transforming right before our eyes with all of our tradesmen on board and moving at an unstoppable pace. With drills buzzing, hammers banging and the radio blaring along with bad singing, it is a fun, productive hive of activity from 7am each morning. The unfortunate part of living upstairs isn’t that the early start wakes us, we have two children to take care of that, it’s that the tradesmen get to see me in my pajamas. Needless to say we’ve become quite close quite quickly!


Tuck Shop Take Away


At the closing of the week the plumbing is 90% done, the walls are all battened out and this coming week will see the majority of the electrical work done and the sheeting going up.

Mid week we met with our friend Tad who is a chocolatier (the best kind of friend to have!) that works closely with the team at Attica and is the owner of Cioccolato Lombardo located in the Prahran Markets. He makes the most exquisite filled chocolates along with other fine chocolaty treats and is famous for his salted caramel filled frogs. He came bearing gifts, a much needed sugar hit, and also a mountain of advice and direction pointing. We chatted about suppliers, products and equipment and he let me in on a few inside secrets which on all levels is invaluable.




On the interior front we finally locked in a cabinet maker to build our custom cabinet/display case which was a decision we have been agonising over for weeks, so that was a relief.

We have been putting our lovely new computer to work trawling the internet for cups and saucers, teapots, cake rings, spatulas, baking mats, cake stands, hot chip cups, paper bags and everything in between. The list seems endless! As for that last key piece of furniture, the communal table, the search still continues and with the clock ticking we’d better get our vintage shopping skates on quick smart.

As the weeks fly by faster than a speeding bullet it’s hard to believe this massive venture is going to be taking off so soon, it’s barely a few weeks away.

In the mean time I’d better get back to searching for those hot chip cups.

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