Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday


It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away. Let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and see what they’ve been up as they dream, create and roll their sleeves up to turn their gem of an idea into a business. 

We have staff! Yes indeed, three keen, excited and enthusiastic people ready to man (and woman!) up Tuck Shop Take Away. What a relief it is and such a weight off our shoulders. Now just to get the shop up and running….

We are now going about filling in the blanks and tying up the loose ends. Where a few weeks ago we had big jobs to complete, now it’s lots of little things from buying sauce bottles to getting the soft serve machine serviced ready to churn out exciting ice cream flavours.

The exterior has had a much need transformation with a splash of white paint going on the brick work. It looks fresh and ready for a new life and definitely more Tuck Shop than the previous deep maroon! Of course a four year old is keen for anything painting related so the lure of a big fluffy paint roller and a massive wall to go crazy on saw our daughter out there joining in.

There have been dizzy fumes around a lot this week with plenty of painting and the beginning of staining being done. It was a tough decision on what shade to take the wood but we have decided on a gorgeous teak and will be using peg board for a feature on the front cabinet panels, taking it to a powder blue to match the cage lights. These final design decisions are exciting and important, we don’t want to get this far and make bad choices on finishes, we’ve invested too much into this baby!


On the weekend Empirical Style stopped by to help with final design decisions and to drop off the vintage school map to take pride of place on the brick wall. It looks fantastic but will be rotating as they will be stopping by to change it once in a while or when it sells, whichever comes first. We love this idea as it will be something interesting and new when people visit, but still keeping with the same wall art theme and allowing passers-by to also have the opportunity to purchase one of these amazing maps if they wish. It’s a win win situation!

Late Sunday night when the foot traffic was quieter Clinton headed outside to do some high pressure cleaning of the façade. It’s now prepped and ready for the signage to go up this week and let’s hope the transformation on the outside will get people excited about the spot on the corner they have been wondering about for the last few months and satisfy their curiosity by getting this show on the road!

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