Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday

Tuck Shop Take AwayTuck Shop Take Away Melbourne Tuck Shop Take Away Melbourne

Are you ready for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away? Let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and see what they’ve been up to this week as they dream, create and roll their sleeves up to turn their gem of an idea into business. 


Let the demolition begin!

This week has been the beginning of out with the old and get ready for the new.

We started with a few brawny blokes coming over on the weekend and helping remove all the old equipment. Typically when men start to demolish things and the testosterone starts flowing they become carried away and this was no exception. So as well as removing the equipment, with a swift swing of a sledge hammer all of the fixed cabinetry came out along with the cladding on the walls!

It’s quite astonishing that we’ve gone from a fitted shop – all be it very old and dated with brown, loads too much brown and peach, yes you got it brown and peach…. to a completely dusty, rubble filled shell.

An exciting part of this was the discovery of decent, workable concrete under the old flooring which we’ll be able to polish up and spray a stencil on (hopscotch anyone?).  Also, our hope from the very beginning of finding the original bricks behind the dated peachy walls came true with the reveal of a gorgeous solid old brick wall ready to be brought back to life with a little TLC.


Tuck Shop Take Away Melbourne

It’s not all hard, physical, dusty, dirty work though as we ventured to Collingwood mid week to meet with the lovely Hannah at Storm in a Teacup to go over our tea selection.

With fine smells coming from the kitchen and the ever present scents of a wall full of mingling tea, we sniffed and chatted away over blacks, greens, whites and oolongs, narrowing down our selection to a handful which we took home to sample when grabby baby hands weren’t in tow!


Tuck Shop Take Away Melbourne


Aaahhhhh, where was I again…. Oh yes, jackhammers.

The week was wrapped up with the hire of a jackhammer to take up the floor tiles.

The “manly” job (refer to testosterone in paragraph one) has turned into more of a back breaking one and two days of deafening hammering, getting our groove on with the vibrations, one suspected broken toe and a dust covered husband it is finally done. With tiles up and concrete waiting it will be in with the flooring professionals this week to take the first move in making this place our own!!!!

Tuck Shop Take Away Melbourne

Tuck Shop Take Away Melbourne

Don’t know about you but I’m ready for that cup of tea… now where are those samples?

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