Santa’s Little Helper

Christmas Shopping

I had all these grand plans of avoiding the crowds and doing my Christmas shopping from the comfort of our couch. Yeah right! As per usual I’ve left everything to the last minute and missed the delivery cut-off date for online purchases.

Thank goodness there’s TiniTrader to save the day! Combining the best of online shopping with a real store experience, TiniTrader is a great way to shop for presents for the billy lids. Use it to find items that are in stock at local stores so that you can make visiting the shops a hit-and-run mission.

Here are my top three finds from when I used TiniTrader to do Santa’s works for our kids!

TiniTrader Shopping for Alfie


  1. As far as Alfie’s concerned, the spookier the better! So, this board game is a guaranteed winner.
  2. This King’s Castle will feed his Lego obsession nicely!
  3. An awesome Munster top has just the right amount of spunk and personality for my boy.


TiniTrader Shopping For Mabel


  1. This ‘Gidget Dress’ is from my favourite frock shop for little girls.
  2. A doll’s house that I’d actually like to live in!
  3. Maybe it’s the nostalgia I have for my old Care Bear, but this cutie will be finding it’s way into Mabel’s stocking this year.
Image: Flickr
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