The Waking Hour: Morning Routines of Creative People

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I’m fascinated with the routines of creative folk and what their typical day holds. So, I decided to ask some of our most original makers, creators and artists to share their morning routine and how their first hour sets them up for the day ahead.

Far from being about the mundane, this is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day.


Natalie Bloom, Founder and Creator of Bloom Cosmetics

Good Morning! I’ve always got my alarm set to 6am.

The Waking Hour: I can’t do a thing before I have a shower. So, I jump straight to it and get myself showered, dressed, hair done and makeup on all before the kids are out of bed at 7am. Then I have to tackle school lunch boxes, nagging to get dressed, breakfast for four kids and the rest of the morning routine. For me, getting myself completely ready sets the tone for an organised day.


Holly Hipwell,Flower Enthusiast, Maker and Owner of The Flower Drum.

Good Morning! On a market day it’s about 4ish. It’s freezing, it’s dark and it’s freezing… did I already say that? On a non-market day I get up just before 7 am.

The Waking Hour: On a market morning, I get up potter around my place and get ready for the markets, I never leave in a rush. I want to be calm and organised before the long drive out to Flemington. I’ll either make a coffee or pick one up on the way out there. It’s a great time to just reflect on what’s been happening and feel excited about what delights I’m going to find at the markets.

On a non-market day, I get rugged up and walk up to the Avalon Headland, where there’s a coffee kombi van each morning. It’s amazing watching the sun coming up and it’s a popular spot for the locals. We all hang out and chat for about half an hour. It’s such a positive way to start the day just staring at the ocean and feeling the sunshine… there’s been whale and dolphin sightings over the last few weeks too!



Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, Winners of The Block Sky High in 2013 and founders of Alisa & Lysandra Collections

Good Morning!

Alisa: Only lately my son, Nate, has been waking up anywhere from 8-8.30am.

Lysandra: My boys normally wake up around 7am, perhaps sometimes a tad later if I’m lucky.


The Waking Hour:

Alisa: In the first hour Nate normally has breakfast with us and then he generally plays with his toys whilst we get ready for the day. If I am super organised we either go for a walk to the park or he plays at Crèche whilst I workout in a class.

Lysandra: Generally the first pit stop is to the toilet for both of the boys. Then, I’m not ashamed to say, it’s generally turning the TV on for morning cartoons or a movie. This allows them to wake up slowly and also gives me time to start preparing breakfast. Then it’s breakfast time, followed by getting out of their PJ’s, another toilet stop and cleaning their teeth. We’re normally out the door most mornings by 9am. If we’re lucky we may get a few extra hours on a Sunday to lounge around!


Karina Sharpe, a Visual Artist

Good Morning! We have two boys five and under. So, I usually wake up around 5 am. And then 6. If I have also woken up at 3 am, my fella let’s me go back to sleep until after 7. We are in a few transition stages with our youngest: from cot to big bed plus the ‘no more nappies’ at night.

The Waking Hour: My best days usually result from me setting some intentions for the day as soon as I’m up. I have five key feelings that I work with and each day and I plan ways to feel them. Part of this involves looking at my ‘to do’ tasks and finding a way to associate them with those feelings. For instance, cleaning the kitchen might help me feel more ‘expansive’ and then I know I’ll have more mind-room to be creative; making that phone call might be ‘daring’ and will also help me feel ‘at ease’ once it’s done. It’s a soul goal approach.


Renee Brown, Creative Manager and Stylist for Jardan

Good Morning! I wake up at 6 am.

The Waking Hour: I do a yoga class. I have become quite obsessed with starting my day with this as it just makes me feel so good, especially if I’m at my desk or sitting in meetings for most of the day. I then have to keep a quick pace to get ready and out the door with the kids so I can drop them at school before heading off to work. If l don’t go to yoga, the kids jump into bed for cuddles and a chat. It is so nice having that quite time with them before the morning rush.




Anna Baird, Founder of Bared Footwear

Good morning! I wake up (or should I say ‘am woken up’) at about 6.15am every morning by either of my two children. They seem to alternate who sleeps in until 7am but never manage to both do it on the same day.

The Waking Hour: I would love to say something like – I wake up and have a glass of lukewarm water with lemon squeezed into it before I do half and hour of yoga – but the reality is I try and drink a cup of tea without it getting cold whilst I make beds and get a two and five year old feed and dressed for the day!


Leo Kats and Nikki Hillier, the Melbourne-based Gourmet Chocolatiers Behind Liefje

Good Morning! We wake up at 6.30 every morning.

The Waking Hour: After showering and getting dressed we sit together for a 20-minute meditation. This quiet time before the day begins is super-important as it puts us both firmly in our bodies and starts the day in a calm state of mind that makes us more productive and keeps us relaxed, even when things get crazy around us.


Daniela Cousins, Designer and Founder of Hello Toes

Good Morning! I have an early rising 17 month old so generally I wake between 5-6am. It never gets easier

The Waking Hour: I spend time with said early riser and enjoy our only solo mother-daughter time for the day (before big brother wakes around 7). It is lovely and quiet which is actually the opposite tone to the rest of the day! I also sneak in the mandatory Instagram and email check in this hour so I am on top of the day ahead.


Kate Pascoe Squires, co-founder Kate & Kate

Good Morning! I usually wake around 6am.

The Waking Hour: As soon as I wake, I reach for my phone to check the time/emails/Instagram. I spend a good 10 minutes trawling Instagram to see what’s gone on overnight. It’s an inspiring way to start the morning. I then check my ‘to do’ list and mentally map out how my day is going to work – what I have on and when I am going to do everything. Once I have the shape of the day in my head, I’m ready to roll. If I’m lucky, all of this happens before the kids wake and I’m sucked into the vortex of packing school bags and making lunches. As long as I have the day mapped out, I feel like I’m ready for anything.


Marion Reynolds, Creative Director and Founder of Pale Cloud

Good Morning! I usually wake at 7 am.

The Waking Hour: The day starts with a combination of coffee, preparing my daughter for school and a run. Danish Rye bread is always a must for breakfast!


Image 1: Leon Biss // Image 2 : Justin Leibow // Image 3: Lucas Lof
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