The One Thing that Changed My Whole Diet

Nothing I have ever done – and I’ve tried it all! – has changed my diet like Eat Fit Food. At first I thought it would be an excuse to stay out of the kitchen for a week and pretend I was an a-lister who had a private chef! But I soon realised Eat Fit Food was going to be a health game-changer. It has set me off on a new path. My lifestyle is changing and I’m beyond excited about where it’s taking me.

What is Eat Fit Food?

Almost ten years ago, Bianca Monley started Eat Fit Food. Unlike other home delivery services, it is the only one to deliver your meals fresh, not frozen.

“I wanted to help educate people on how easy and interesting healthy eating can be so they can get the most out of life and living well,” explains Bianca.


How does it work?

  1. You choose the type of program you want – Detox, Cleanse, Healthy Eating or Weight Loss. (In case you’re wondering, I went with Healthy Eating since I’m still breastfeeding and couldn’t do the Detox program)
  2. Each day, Eat Fit Food’s nutritionist and chef freshly prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks for you using the highest quality local ingredients and super foods.
  3. In the early hours of the morning (while you’re still getting your beauty sleep!) they drop your meals, snacks and very simple preparation instructions by your front door so you’re all ready for the day ahead.


What did I get out of Eat Fit Food?

Eat Fit Food is muchos tasty. Not once did I feel deprived or as though I was missing out. And while it’s a luxury not having to cook for yourself, it is about so much more than that.

Sure, you read about portion control, leafy greens and balance, but there’s nothing like being shown exactly what you should be doing to realise where you’re going wrong. A week on Eat Fit Food made me realise:

  • I’m not having enough protein at lunch.
  • I need to up my calcium.
  • I’ve been snacking too much. I eat the kid’s leftovers, I pick when I’m cooking, I say yes to sweet treats at every playdate we go on….get the picture? If I added up all these little bits here and there, I’ve been eating an extra meal…or two!
  • Too. Much. Sugar.
  • Too. Much. Processed Food. I’m now consciously limiting what I eat that comes out of a packet.
  • Leafy greens are my new friend. I’m now having them with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • My meal size has been ridiculous.
  • I need to be more mindful when I eat. More often than not I plow through my meal like Cookie Monster. I eat standing up in the in the kitchen as I shovel food into the rug rats, clean dishes, check my emails, talk on the phone…or do pretty much anything except sit down and be conscious of what I’m eating, and how much I’m eating.
  • I need to make more time for me. As a mum, I do the typical thing of putting myself at the bottom of the list. But, when I eat right and am fueled properly I do everything better.

All of this probably seems pretty simple. But the difference is that when you experience a new way of doing things, it’s so much easier to make real and lasting changes.


What were the results?

My goal wasn’t to lose weight, but I dropped 2 kilos over the week – which I’m certainly not complaining about! My tummy is the least bloated it’s been in years and years and I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin.

How Much Does it Cost?

Eat Fit Food’s programs start from $138. You can see the full price list here.


Who Should Do Eat Fit Food?

It is ideal for when you’re too busy to shop, cook and even think about healthy food. It makes it so easy to eat well. It’s also the perfect circuit-breaker when you need to kick-start new habits and change things ups.


The fine print: Eat Fit Food let me experience their 5 Day Healthy Eating program so I could review it.  All reviews of brands, products and experiences on Checks and Spots are genuine and reflect my honest opinion. I will only ever write about what I truly believe in.
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