The Days of Our Lives: Natasha Dumais, Ubabub and Magnetic Design

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In The Days of Our Lives we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day. 

Let me introduce you to Natasha Dumais, a true bright-spark, ideas generator.  For 11 years she’s been at the helm of Magnetic Design, her branding and communications consultancy. Then in 2007 she decided to throw another business idea into the mix! So, she co-founded Ubabub – a range of nursery products that focus on safety, sustainability and  modern design – with her husband and business partner, Daniel.  

From being a mum to three beautiful girls and getting up at dawn for Bikram yoga, to running two thriving, creative businesses and being organised enough for Super Cooking Sunday – this is a day in Natasha’s life.


5.15 am

Up and away!


5.30 am

A coffee and a quick skim of the The Age on the iPad whilst ‘Buddy’ our black labrador leans heavily against me, as if to say hurry up and pat me!


6.00 am

Scanning social media portals for Ubabub: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest love (and dishing it out).



Off to Bikram Yoga (ahhh sweet me time). My favourite workout of the week, time to focus on my breath, flexibility and strength.


7.45 am

Back home to the morning chaos, it’s in full swing thanks to my very capable partner in crime Daniel Dumais – Our three girls are up, dressed and eating breakfast. Ok, well that was all three dressed till our two year old Uma strips all of her clothes off in a typical toddler stand-off. Then it’s the line up of all three girls for hair brushing and a quick morning chat.


8.00 am

The music’s on, some of us are singing loudly and it’s all a go-go getting for ready the day.


8.25 am

Approximately 10mins of huffing and puffing as we negotiate all to get shoes on, bags on and a quick mummy check and… we’re out the door! Tick.


8.30 am

In the car for the first pit-stop, school drop off for our eldest Bianca.


8.50 am

Second pit-stop: drop off our youngest two at Childcare/Kinder.


9.00 am

Back in the car for the journey in to the office. Daniel and I drive in together most days so that means for the half an hour we’re in the car if I’m not on social media, I’m using that time to connect with friends on the phone. You might even spy us holding hands at this point in the day.


9.20 am

Pit-stop No.3: Tall latté and scrambled eggs.


9.30 am

Arrive at the Office/Studio. I really do like it here. A morning natter and catch up with the guys in the studio (Magnetic Design) and then I’m into sifting through my emails.


10.30 am

Today I’m juggling. Preparing for three afternoon meetings, 1 x Ubabub and 2 x Magnetic Design meetings. Have also scheduled some PR and New Business time for both businesses.


12.00 pm

Social media check-in, we’re running an Ubabub competition as part of our Booksee launch so am keen to engage with people ‘liking’ our Ubabub feeds. Also replying to Ubabub emails – like this one from Brazil, someone keen to have our Ubabub products over there and a quick email to our sales reps in the US reminding them that we’re still receiving a great amount of interest from people in South America.


12.30 pm

I put on my Ubabub PR hat and am talking to the blogs and mag titles about our newly released Ubabub products.


1.00 pm

Google+ meeting with our US distributor.


2.30 pm

More press follow-ups and emails.


3.30 pm

Off to a Magnetic Design client meeting.


5.00 pm

Out the door and off to pick up our girls. Take the opportunity here to have 30 mins of quiet time driving home to process the day and to re-set.


5.30 pm

Pit-stop No.1: Childcare / Kinder, is one of my favourite times of the day when I can open my arms up wide and smile from ear-to-ear as I sweep Uma up and then Sabine. The girls are just as happy. Dish out rice cracker and fruit snacks in the car. Connect the iPod and the music’s on and mamma is taking music requests – the kids are mad for Pompeii by Bastille at the moment so on it goes and we have a big sing along. The music seems to distill and distract from any way-out tiredness at this end of the day.


6.00 pm

Quick pit-stop at home, pull out a delicious Chicken, Bacon, Leek and Mushroom casserole (made on super cooking Sunday) ask hubby to cook some rice and re-heat. Pick up some more snacks for Bianca and off to collect her from Rollerskating lessons. Meet my awesome mum and dad at the Roller Rink and have a good half hour natter with them whilst we watch Bianca’s lesson. Bianca finishes her class and asks me enthusiastically if I saw her doing spins, I did (phew).


6.45 pm

Back home and eating dinner with Bianca as the others have well and truly inhaled their’s by the time we get home. Bianca and I have an awesome chat about the day. Today she’s super responsive so I’m feeling the love. She makes my day by sharing a story she wrote at school about one of her friends, she said in her story she wrote ‘my friend is kind, generous and thoughtful’. This is GOLD (Insert smile) my little girl is learning about the value of friendship. Tick.


7.00 pm

A hotch-potch of bath time, making lunches, cleaning up, washing clothes and general mayhem.


7.30 pm

Reading with Bianca, trying to set aside one-on-one time is the focus with her reading at the moment. Then Sabine (4) and Uma (2) decide it’s time to climb on over the top of us and join in with the reading, so Bianca continues to read the story to them.


8.15 pm

The bedtime game begins. As our eldest two go down without a hitch our youngest Uma has just learnt to climb out of her cot so we’ve set her up in our Ubabub Pod junior bed. The bedtime routine is now a slow and arduous process. We rally her back into the bed. And… then back into the bed! And guess what, then back into the bed!


8.30 pm

A rare night of working for me, I hop on the computer to finish off an Ubabub interview for Tess McCabe at the Creative Women’s Circle. As I write on the laptop (okay I confess I’m in bed too) I’m dishing out orders for the girls to get back into bed… now that is my day’s best display of multi-tasking!


9.45 pm

Quick check on our sleeping beauties and am off to bed for real, this time no laptop.

You can stay in touch with Ubabub on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter.

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