The Days of Our Lives: Jacquie Sharples, Carpe Diem Wellbeing

5jacquiesharplescolour4jacquiesharplesin 3jacqueisharplesflickIn The Days of Our Lives, we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day.  

This week, we meet Jacquie Sharples, a bright-spark fitness and wellbeing coach and co-founder of Carpe Diem Wellbeing.

A national level athlete, Jacqui left her career as an Engineer to pursue her passion for health and fitness. This devotion to helping women find happiness in their bodies lead to the creation of the bodylove program – a 3 month coaching program that educates and empowers women to take back control of their lives. She has also penned, If Your Body Could Talk, a book written from your body’s perspective, that encourages readers to remember to treat their bodies with love and respect.

This is a day in Jacquie’s life.


 Jacquie Sharples, Carpe Diem Wellbeing


5:30 am

Get up, throw on some sports gear and dash out the door to do a fitness or wellbeing coaching session. Some days it is personal training at Crown Towers Gym, other days I take a group running training session at the Botanical Gardens and other days I’ll meet one of my clients at a café before work as part of the bodylove coaching program to talk about all things nutrition, balance and mindset.


9:00 am




Go back home, shower and eat breakfast – this is my favorite meal of the day! Breakfast is usually either eggs and veggies, like an open omlette a smoothie or some home made muesli with yoghurt and fruit. After that I walk our fur-kid (my dog) Johnny.


10:15 am

I head into the office. I use my time in the car to chat to my family. My brother has his own business, AKAS and does beautiful productive landscape design and my sister has her own financial planning business and just had a baby so there is always a lot to catch up on!

I share an office with the ladies at Venues2Events. They are amazing at what they do and are a great influence to have around me day to day. I usually start by grabbing a coffee and checking my to do list for that day.

What I do day to day varies so much. I recently wrote my first book called If Your Body Could Talk so I usually spend some time sending out books to potential partners, fulfilling orders and writing guest blogs. I do the usual emails, social media – Facebook and Instagram – and admin tasks. I usually spend some time following up and preparing for coaching clients who are doing the bodylove coaching program.

I usually get sucked into multiple internet vortexs! I love learning and researching so much that I can lose hours to it if I’m not careful! Moving from working as an engineer in a corporate environment to working for myself requires a little more self – discipline as I’m usually setting my own deadlines.


1:00 pm


Grab lunch. Usually it’s left overs from home like this chicken stir fry (or a salad from our local café a 1000 blessings.

I’ve been doing more wellbeing workshops in workplaces lately so some lunchtimes I’ll be doing that also. I’m talking to the lovely folks at Lonely Planet and NAB in the next few weeks.

After lunch it’s back to work. I am usually writing, creating content and workbooks for workshops, having phone meetings and organizing to meet potential clients. I also spend time creating and refining my coaching content. We are looking at launching elements of the bodylove program online, so I am working on that too.


5:30 pm

Arrive at Melbourne University Athletics track for pole vault training! I’ve been doing athletics since I was 5 and have been pole vaulting for a few years. It is the hardest event I’ve ever done but the most fun. I have a great coach, Warren Hill, and a fantastic squad of motivated and amazing people. We usually do a mix of pole vault drills, jumping, gymnastic drills and running. Training outdoors at the athletics track with friends is one my favorite parts of my day.

If there is no vaulting training I’m usually presenting the bodylove workshop somewhere! We run this workshop ourselves as well as partnering with other passionate businesses like Lululemon.


7:30 pm 

Go home to my two boys (my hubby and my dog) Ash and Johnny. We usually do a quick dinner of meat and veggies.


9:00 pm

Have another shower, open up the diary and check what is on tomorrow, get myself organized and chat to Ash. Johnny will usually be bored and hassle us to throw his ball to him for a bit too!


9:45 pm

Jump into bed and try to choose a book over my phone. I only seem to read non fiction books and buy them almost daily! I’ve got A LOT of books! I’m currently reading This Just Aint Normal Folks  by Joel Salatin and Crazy Busy by Edward Hallowell  Who doesn’t need to learn more about farming and how to handle our fast paced world ☺


10:15 pm

Lights out and time to sleep ☺


You can download a sample of Jacquie’s book, ‘If Your Body Could Talk’ here, or buy a copy here. To keep up to date with Jacquie you can follow Carpe Diem Wellbeing on Facebook or Instagram.

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