Sweet Spot

Have you noticed that ditching sugar seems to be the new Atkins diet? Everyone seems to be going sugar-free. Everyone by me! And I certainly won’t be breaking up with my sweet friend anytime soon, especially now that there is a new honey in town.

Handcrafted by Andrew Wyszynski and his hard working bees, Maya Sunny Honey is 100 raw and pure.

To create their unique Honeycomb product, empty glass jars are placed upside down on the bee hive. The bees then buzz about and sculpture a unique honeycomb. This process takes about 400 bees one month to create one honeycomb jar. Once they finish, the bees leave and Andrew seals the jar up.

Not only is this range as close to nature and bees as I’d like to get, it’s pretty damn easy on the eye. Take me to the honeyland!


Maya Sunny Honey Stockists // Images: Maya Sunny Honey
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