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Barre Body

When I was a little girl, I wasn’t the ballet type. In fact, the closest I got was one term of ‘Interpretive Dance’ classes where we had to waft around and pretend to be a leaf in the breeze. My personal highlight was always getting a party pie and sauce after class!

So, the thought of doing any sort of physical activity with the word ‘Barre’ in it really didn’t appeal. In fact, it sounded like it would hurt!

After getting out of my comfort zone though, and going to a few Barre Body classes I’m now obsessed!

What is Barre Body?

By fusing yoga, pilates and barre conditioning, these classes are a really fun way of lengthening and toning your body while developing balance, strength and flexibility.

What is a Barre Body class like?

I was surprised how much of a sweat I worked up doing Barre Body! The classes are dynamic and use an interval training format (raising and lowering your heart) to help get results – fast. Each class is also a whole body workout with time spent targeting your core, legs, arms and derriere.

Who does Barre Body suit?

Honestly, everyone! Even if you’ve never got up close and personal with a barre before (like me!) you won’t feel like a klutz. It’s really good if you’re looking to add something new to your fitness routine or wanting to work on your tone, breathing and flexibility.

How much does it cost?

Whether you want to go occasionally or all the time, Barre Body have lots of different memberships available. For example, you can do casual classes for just $25, grab a 10 class pass for $200 or even get a 30 day unlimited pass for $220. You can find out more over here.

Can’t make it to a Barre Body studio?

Never fear! There’s an ace DVD that I’ve been doing at home in the mornings – much to the amusement of my husband! All you need are hand weights and a chair (instead of the barre) and you can get all of the benefits of a Barre Body class at home.


Image: Barre Body // Barre Body invited me to trial their classes so that I could write a review // All reviews of brands, products and experiences on Checks and Spots are genuine and reflect my honest opinion. I will only ever write about what I truly believe in 
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