Photo Album: The Checks and Spots Garden Party

Checks and Spots Garden Party

Checks and Spots Garden PartyChecks-and-spots-garden-party-18



In case you weren’t able to make the Checks and Spots Garden Party (or you did come and want to relive it!), I thought I’d share a whole stack of snaps from the day.

It was an incredible afternoon in the park celebrating our Checks and Spots community. The weather played nicely, we got to graze on some delicious treats, sip on punch and most importantly we raised $1,000 for the St Kilda Mums.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the superstar team that took my idea for a simple get together and turned it into a beautiful garden party. Without Lisa and Robyn from Lettuce & Co. we probably would have been sitting around sharing a box of BBQ Shapes and a Prima! It was their attention to both big and subtle details that made the afternoon so special.

Thank you also to Sweet Empire for the insanely good sweet treats, Blakes Feast for their very generous donation of savoury morsels, The Pop Co. who elevates the humble icy pole to knew heights and Tillda Flowers who worked their magic and made the Botanic Gardens even more beautiful! Big thanks also go to Jacqueline Evans natural skincare for the divine gift everyone got to take home, Code Love’s unique lucky door prize and my beautiful friend Evie for the artwork.

And last…but definitely not least…thank you to everyone who came. My heart is still singing from our afternoon together and the fact that we were able to support the incredible work the St Kilda Mums do.


Checks and Spots Garden Party 31Checks-and-spots-garden-party-21Checks-and-spots-garden-party-7Checks-and-spots-garden-party-17Checks-and-spots-garden-party-10Checks-and-spots-garden-party-191Garden Party 32Checks-and-spots-garden-party-3 Checks-and-spots-garden-party-12Garden Party 33Checks and Spots Garden PartyChecks-and-spots-garden-party-2Checks-and-spots-garden-party-6Checks and Spots Garden Party 1Garden Party Garden Part 34 Garden Party 35Fb1OBRID8MNnDgQ4YmzUwbzT_vJkSMEye1kQmYNQvRo WovnjO8N5p_jfoPOl-XMVVwc7GLphOKZk6qBHJhYKNc

Photographer: Fiona Storey

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