One Bedroom. Three Looks For Winter.


Welcome to my place! With the cooler weather creeping in, I’ve given my bedroom an update with three different looks for winter using pieces I found at Freedom.

Winter Blues


How-to-update-your-bedroom-for-winter-2 How-to-update-your-bedroom-for-winter-2


An inky palette of moody blues proves that less can be more. Winter layers are introduced with a chunky knit throw and plush rug while a floor lamp gives the look an edge. As a finishing touch, I popped a cluster of raw-finished vases on the bedside table and filled them with foliage from my garden.




Get The Look…

Porter Floor Rug in Grey (Now on Sale!) // Henderson T // Eccentric Floor Lamp in Teal // Marquee Quilt Set in Taupe // Quinn Throw in Grey // Quincey Cushion in Charcoal // Tulia Spot Cushion // Tulia Cushion in Ink // Seagal Vessel // Scope Vessel // Acclimate Vessel


Base Metals



Copper. Brass. Bronze. Metals are big news for winter and the perfect way to give your home instant warmth.

To give this look depth, I used a filament globe for the bedside lamps and created contrast by introducing natural timber, cushions that have been rendered bold geometric prints and some personal touches – like a bowl of my favourite bangles. After all, what’s the point of keeping your favourite things hidden?!



Get The Look…

Barney Side Table (Now on Sale!) // Metro Table Lamp // Lyonne Mirror //  Berkely Sheet Set in Silver // Buckley Quilt Set in Grey // Zaiden Cushion in Copper // Lineum Cushion in Linen // Precious Hourglass in Metallic Gold //  Jett Bowl in Midnight Blue


Opposites Attract


For this look I followed my heart and matched and clashed some of my favourite things. I wasn’t afraid to mix prints and played with proportion by using cushions with different sized check patterns. I had fun with vintage-inspired artwork and added a cosy layer or two. And last but not least, I added a foxy cushion… after all, signature style doesn’t have to be serious!


how-to-update-your-bedroom-for-winter-12 how-to-update-your-bedroom-for-winter-13

Get The Look…

Parapluie Revel Print (Now on Sale!) // See America Print // The Professor Round Side Table in Silver // Penny Table Lamp in Dusty Blue // Quest Throw in Grey // Tatum Quilt Cover Set in Cream/Black // Berkely Sheet Set in Silver //  Watson Cushion in Black // Watson Cushion in Orange //  Taylor Cushion in Grey // Jax Cushion // Pajamas Masini & Chern


Photography: Fiona Storey

Video Editing and Directing: Alec McCloskey

Styling: Clare Hillier and Sally Singline


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