Northern Exposure Festival

3rdey3NorthernExposure ErinGreerNorthernExposure ErinGreerNorthernExposure2SAMSARA golf_range Just People 6 SAMSARA mecca_ramadan Just People 4 SAMSARA night_tree Just People 8 SAMSARA mt_nemrut Just People 5SAMSARA mursi_tribeswoman Just People 7 SAMSARA mursi_tribesgirl Just people 3 Looking for something to do on the Northside?

Now in it’s ninth year, Northern Exposure is a visual arts festival that runs from 12 July to 28 July along High Street, Northcote. Despite what the name suggests, this festival isn’t about getting together to watch reruns of Northern Exposure – although that would be entertaining in itself! Instead, the Northen Exposure festival is about bringing art onto the street.

Highlights include:

  • High Views – art installations in shop windows
  • High Events – art related workshops, tours and events.
  • Small Works, Small Spaces – paste ups, miniature dioramas and other small artworks installed along the street.
  • High Lights – Projection teasers along the north section of Eastment Street,
  • Just People: Chalice Films for Change – a program of inspiring films and documentaries around the themes of sustainability, justice and contemporary spiritualirt.

You can find out more about what’s happening at Northern Exposure here.


Image 1: 3rdey3 // Image 2 & 3: Erin Greer // Images 4 – 9: From the film SAMASARA which is opening Just People: Chalice Films for Change 
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