Motherhood as a Competition

To announce the birth of her son, Miranda Kerr took to Facebook and posted:

We have a beautiful little boy named Flynn. He was born on the 6th of Jan and I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication…

While the dawn of any new life is a time of undeniable joy, I found Miranda’s statement deflating. When did motherhood become such a competitive sport?

“Oh, you were in labour for 8 hours and wussed out with an epidural?”
“Well, I laboured for 5 days…AND did it drug free….AND had a 10 pound heffer at the end of it!”

From your experiences in labour, it only escalates and becomes a whirlwind of smug one-up-manship as your performance as a mother is critiqued.

“Oh, you make junior’s spag bol with a premade sauce?”
“Surely you know organic is best? The only ingredients I ever use are grown in our garden without the use of nasty chemicals and in sync with lunar patterns. And as for my pasta recipe – well, it was created by one of the worlds best Michelin chefs. Might I also add, I always perform triple back flips while preparing it to keep the rugrat entertained.”

The way mums talk to each other and the loaded comments (like Miranda’s) that ping-pong so freely about, is doing nothing for ‘the sisterhood’. We ought to measure our worth by our own accomplishments – not against others.

What are your experiences of motherhood as a competitive sport?
Image: Kora Organics
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