Meat and Greet

Victor Churchill

Earlier this week, my brother decided to venture back into carnivore territory after more than a decade of vegetarianism. ‘What did he try for this first foray?’ you may ask. A slither of chicken? A tiny morsel of roast lamb? No, he went the whole hog (literally) and had some prosciutto!

Given the gusto with which he has returned to meat, I think Victor Churchill is right up my brother’s alley. More meat boutique than family butcher, Victor Churchill is bringing an almost unheard of sense of glamour back to the age-old art of butchery. Brimming with every type of terrine imaginable, wagu so marbled it’s more fat than flesh, and an obscene selection of rare-breed pork, lamb, chicken and duck, Victor Churchill is the type of place that is sure to tempt my brother back to the dark side for good!

Victor Churchill
132 Queen Street
Woollahra, NSW
T: 02 9328 0402
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