Kids Craft: How To Make Pretty Paper Flowers



The school holidays are here and it’s pouring outside – which means it’s the perfect chance to get your rug rats involved in a little craft action!

Inspired by stylist, Emma Clapham from Who Loves That, and the beautiful Easter DIY projects she has created for Officeworks, the kids and I  spent a fun morning creating some Pretty Paper Flowers. And the best bit? You only need a few bits and pieces to make these beauties and they’re dead simple to do!


What You’ll Need


You only need three things to get started, all of which we picked up at Officeworks:


How You Make Pretty Paper Flowers

  • Cut your crepe paper into 10cm x 15 cm rectangles.
  • Stack 8-15 crepe paper rectangles together. The more pieces you use, the  fuller your flower will be. We’re not colour shy in our household, so we used a mix of colours for each flower, but you could just as easily make them one tone!


  • On the longest side of your rectangle, fold the paper back and forth in 1 cm increments (as if you were making a fan) until all the paper is folded. Then, tie your pipe cleaner around the centre of the crepe paper. This will hold the paper in place and also act as your stem.


  • Trim the ends of the crepe paper to your desired petal shape – this is when you can play with different shapes and decorative edges.


  • Unfold each side of your flower and fan your petals out to create the shape you’re after. Pop them in a vase (you can see how I made the little bud vases in these shots here) and admire your handy work!


Disclosure: Officeworks provided me with a gift card for materials that we used to create the Pretty Paper Flowers. 
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