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Of course, fresh is best. But did you know that most of the fruit and veg you pick up at a supermarket is older than you think?

That shiny apple might actually have been kept in cold storage for a year before you got it, whilst those bananas have probably been picked green and  dosed with food-grade ethylene to trigger ripening and create uniform yellowing. Pretty gross, hey?!

But one family doing it differently  is Kelly Bros.

Who are Kelly Bros?

For six generations, the Kelly family have been farming in Victoria. Today, they produce around 30 different seasonal veggie and salad varieties and have over 2,000 acres of productive land in Yarrawonga on the Murray River and at Cranbourne, south-east of Melbourne.

What are Kelly Bros doing that’s so different?

First of all, Kelly Bros deliver straight to your door (Melbourne metro). But the best bit is, the produce is harvested, packed and delivered to you in just 36 hours.

Everything that arrives in your box has also been grown by Kelly Bros or sourced from neighbouring farms.

Kelly Bros Farm To You

Is Kelly Bros produce organic?

No, but they do have an Integrated Pest Management program which means they use chemicals minimally to suppress weeds, and only in early crop stages.

How much does it cost?

Kelly Bros have three different packages to choose from that range between $28 and $45 and suit singles, couple or families. Plus, delivery is free. You can find out more here.


What’s Kelly Bros really like?

After one month of deliveries, I’m hooked! The convenience was a no-brainer, but the quality was what really impressed me. For instance, herbs were that fresh they lasted longer than what I usually get at the market. It’s also a great way to eat seasonally – and we all know the benefits of that!

The quantity of each box is definitely on the generous side. I did still have to pick up a few bits and pieces from the market (like strawberries and a few extra herbs), but my weekly spend on fruit and veg was noticeably down.

And last, but not least, big props goes to the thoughtfulness and genuine passion Kelly Bros has for fresh produce. It runs through everything they do. Each delivery comes with handy tips (like never store your tomatoes next to bananas as they’ll ripen them too quickly) and a little recipe card which makes the most of that week’s delivery. I tried a couple of the recipes and they were super easy and tasty, especially the Orange and Witlof Salad which has a killer dressing.

What’s the catch?

None!  There are no contracts, minimum periods or hidden costs. It’s simple, and straight-forward to get started. You can even arrange a one-off delivery to see what Kelly Bros is like – but I bet this will actually be the first of many deliveries!

 You can find out more about Kelly Bros here.


Disclosure: Kelly Bros gifted me one month of deliveries so I could review their service.  All reviews of brands, products and experiences on Checks and Spots are genuine and reflect my honest opinion. I will only ever write about what I truly believe in. 
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