Interview: Babushka Baby Creator, Belinda Stabb

A suitcase full of fabrics from India and a seed of an idea for a simply styled label for girls aged three months to six years, led Belinda Stabb to create Babushka Baby. Full of heart and committed to creating real change, this range doesn’t just look the goods, it lives, breathes and is it. Thankfully, Babushka Baby is also a refreshing change to the sea of polyester bandage dresses!

To find out more about Babushka Baby and what it takes to create such a sublime range, I caught up with Belinda…

A typical day for me involves…apart from production and the odd favour from a creative friend or my sister who took the photos for this campaign, Babushka Baby is essentially a one-woman show. So, on any given day I could be designing a new collection, styling a photo-shoot, packing or delivering orders, in a production meeting, trawling through fabric markets in India, showing a collection at a trade fair or at my computer getting stuck into emails, administration, marketing or accounting. I have to wear so many different hats! It’s challenging and very busy, but I love it and I’m never bored.

The idea for Babushka Baby…really evolved during a 6 month trip around India. I fell in love with the fabrics, especially the block prints and ikat weaves and ended up with quite a collection. I really just wanted to create something that brought back a piece of the spirit and culture of India.

At the moment I’m inspired by…and completely obsessed with Mexico – the incredible folk art, textiles and vibrant colours. I’m desperate to go there and hit the flea markets! I’d love to be there for Day of the Dead and it would be wonderful to see Frida Kahlo’s paintings in the flesh.

My affinity with India comes from…this feeling that I must have been Indian in a past life. I’d always been a bit obsessed with the place and when I finally went there, I felt at home. I know this probably sounds quite cheesy!

I’m passionate about nurturing an eco-conscious, ethical brand because…Babushka Baby is simply a reflection of my own values. The collections are ethically produced in India, which means the workers have healthy, safe working conditions, fair pay and no forced or child labour. I think it’s the responsibility of any business producing offshore to ensure certain standards are met. I really want to give more back to the local communities and I’m looking into some new ways to do this.

All the fabrics are 100% natural and I would love to use organic fabrics but there currently isn’t much of a variety in prints available and it isn’t viable for us to print our own fabrics yet. In an effort to help reduce landfill, wherever possible our bibs, booties and patchwork quilts are made from remnants that would otherwise be waste.

I’m currently saying yes to…balance. Making the time for self-care…yoga, meditation, cooking delicious vegan food and having some fun.

I wish more people knew…how much love goes into every piece in the collection.

My guilty pleasure is…Reality TV! I get totally swept up in the drama.

I asked my friends and they described me as…funny, driven, passionate, practical, earthy, honest, compassionate and stylish.

My golden rule is…a quote from Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


You can find Babushka Baby stockists here.
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