7 Tips for Entertaining in an Apartment

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Even if you live in an apartment that’s the size of a shoebox, you can still throw a damn good party! It’s all about working with what you’ve got and being a little bit creative.

To help you get the party started, here are my  tips for entertaining in an small space…



  • The number one rule for any party is lighting. If possible, avoid using overhead lights. Instead, lamps and candles will create the perfect mood and make even the smallest space look and feel better.
  • Be smart about how you use your space. Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture for the evening. Create a better flow by moving pieces that you don’t need from your entertaining area to the bedroom. Also clear surfaces of clutter and find a spot for your guests to pop their coats and bags so they don’t build in a pile on the couch and take up valuable seating space.


  • Don’t be tempted to buy disposable plates and cutlery. While they’re certainly not environmentally friendly, they’re also one of the quickest ways to detract from a sense of occasion and celebration. A successful party comes down to the details, and plastic cutlery and paper plates sure don’t cut it! Don’t worry though, ditching disposable servingware doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in the kitchen washing up. A space-saving dishwasher, like Fisher & Paykel’s Dishdrawer model, is a savvy investment, especially if you love entertaining – for two or twenty. Its compact design means it will fit into a teeny tiny kitchen and that you can spend you time with your guests rather than soap and suds!
  • Forget about a formal sit-down dinner. Setting up a large dining table with enough chairs (and elbow room!) for everybody can be a real challenge in a small apartment. Lots of furniture can also make the entire space feel a lot smaller than it really is. A more casual and relaxed alternative is to go with a selection of small plates that can be eaten standing up or perched on the arm of your sofa.


  • When it comes to decorating, think dramatic, not big. A cluster of single buds in glass vases or jars creates an easy, unlaboured look. To keep decorations off precious surface space, use pieces that can be hung like lanterns, fairy lights or bunting.
  • With a little imagination you can make servingware work double-time. Use a simple wooden cutting board as a cheese tray or cover up a stovetop with a platter to create extra serving space. Another idea is to cut down on the different types of glasses you need by using stemless glasses that work well with  mineral water, punch or vino.


Bar Cart

  • Spread out the drinks and food so your guests don’t congregate in the one spot. You can even create a retro-inspired bar cart and signature drink – that’s always a sure fire way to get the fun times started!

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